Sunday, September 16, 2007


So, it's official. We're going to have a baby. And as you can see from the picture, it's not very big yet.

I had all the signals telling us we were pregnant, but it wasn't put into realization until we took two home pregnancy tests. We were so happy when we found out. Brian couldn't keep a smile off his face for two weeks. It was about the same week when the morning sickness and exhaustion began. It's pretty much stayed with me since. Although I've been told by mostly everyone that it will pass after the third month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

We had the first ultrasound on September 4th. The appointment went much smoother than I had expected, and everyone was very pleasant. We were recommended to Dr. Snowden by Brian's mom and dad. They consider him to be a great OB, and they should know.

We went in for the ultrasound first and were able to watch the video directly in front of us on a TV screen mounted on the wall. I was expecting what you see on TV, where you have to look at the screen on the instrument while turning your head like an owl. The nurse was trying pointing out to us the head and the body. Brian and I had a look on our faces like we had no clue as to what she what trying to point out. Finally. She zoomed in, and we were able to see the baby's heart beating. Wow it was fast. Brian and I both let out a sigh. I had no idea we would be seeing the baby's heart beat. It was a turning point for both of us.

As much as we had talked about being pregnant, and all the signs pointed to yes, it wasn't until that moment that it felt real. We met Dr. Snowden, and found him to be very understanding and a very funny guy. He was astounded to hear that we had only been trying for a month and that only 10% achieve pregnancy that quickly. I told him, I was just as shocked as he was. It's been difficult for me to tell friends who I know have been trying for quite some time.

After the check-up and blood work, Dr. Snowden invited Brian and I back into his office to tell us congratulations once again, and go over any last questions. We left St. John's Hospital that day with anticipation as to what the following months would bring. We hope that you will continue to visit this site as the weeks pass, so that we can share with you all the exciting news - big and small.

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