Thursday, October 4, 2007


So, we went on our first official baby shopping trip! Brian's parents offered get our baby furniture for us, and it was an offer we couldn't refuse. Pat was insistent that we found what we like, and what would make us very happy. We started and ended at a place called Treasure Rooms. Located on 141 and Clayton, it was a little adventure in its own just getting there. We had a good time in the car, laughing about one thing or another. The giggles mostly had to do with the number of stop signs Bob drove through before we got to the store. I could be wrong, but I believe the total was four. Once we safely arrived, we found a large, almost warehouse-like store. There was a variety of brands, colors, sizes, and shapes. Of course the most important thing was to decide how sturdy the cribs were. Bob imediately went to the first crib inside the store door and began to shake it as hard as he could. "These will do" he said. I started laughing uncontrolably as I followed Bob and Brian in their quest to discover the sturdiest of cribs. Because you know a baby won't break the thing if a 50 some year old man couldn't. Pat and I decided to walk away from "the boys" and focus on the more important details, such as stain color. I decided I liked the mid to dark stains, and that really eliminated many choices. As we were looking closely at one nursery set we heard a man yell, "is this suppose to rock like this?" We turned around and about 6 feet away was Bob, using all his weight and energy to swing a bassenet as hard as he could. I swear, if there had been a baby it that thing it would have landed in Tokyo. Brian just stood there shaking his head, while Pat and I quickly walked away. We finally settled on two sets. It was up to Brian and I to make the final desicion. The two were very similar. But I think we enjoyed the "curves" to the one pictured above. It had a more whimsical look compared to the other. It seemed softer, more baby, so to say. That was it, the desicion was made. And just in time too. Bob just found the sports section. It was an event that was more emotional than I thought it would be. We all began to think about the future. And if it would be different. But I thought to myself that the future is not something I can control. I was just elated that we could all spend the time together that day. After the adventure at the furniture store we made a quick stop to see Bob's mom at the nursing facility. She had the best suite in the whole place. It was more like an apartment. We opened the door, and surprise, Bob's two aunts were there as well! I must say it was a little over whelming. But it was a hoot. All three ladies, all over 90 were talking at once, and asking questions all at once. It was almost musical questions. But Bob's mom was a delight, she was so thrilled to hear about the baby, and kept telling us how beautiful it was going to be. She was so excited to hear Pat and Bob were going to be grandparents again. We stayed our promised 10 minutes and decided to head out. We hoped to stay longer but everyone had plans for the evening. So we all said our goodbye's and gave giant hugs. So it was with that, Brian and I headed home and passed out on the couch. Who knew how tiring baby shopping could be. And it was only our first trip!!

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