Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well, here it is. The fifth month. Although it doesn't feel as though it's been 5 months. It still feels as though we just found that we were pregnant yesterday. I've found that I'm not able to hide my stomach as well as I could before. It's starting to grow past my baggy shirts. Although I could tell last month that I was getting larger, everyone still says they can't tell. So either they are being awfully nice, or they are exceptional liars.

Yesterday was a biggie in terms of doctor's visits. We had our five month ultrasound. Which the doctor used to determine the baby's growth, but we used to determine the sex. As my mother says, it would be a surprise in April, or it would be a surprise now. I couldn't wait until April. We really didn't want to know for any reason except to know. We aren't planning any gender themes for the baby's nursery (the next blog should be all about the room). We are going with a circus theme. Hopefully the kid is not afraid of clowns. We really just wanted to know for ourselves. Besides people were getting very perturbed with us for calling the kid Rex. But really, have they not seen what we do to our animals for our Christmas card? The kid should get use to humiliation now.

So we had the ultrasound first. I will say the first thing I noticed was the nurse chewing, no not chewing, chomping on her gum. I thought to myself, would it be rude to ask her to spit it out? But before the question - or demand - could be raised, a picture appeared on the screen in front of us.

And there it (soon to be he) was. "Its standing on it's head" the nurse said. Interesting. I'm still not quite sure what that meant, but she sounded perplexed by it herself. So she continued to move the cold bar around on my stomach (which contained a very full bladder) until she found a profile view. Sure enough. There it was, the "Thorowgood Nose" (or Garrison nose to some). Passed down from my father's side. You say to yourself, there's no way you can tell what the nose will look like from a 5 month ultrasound, but trust me, when you've lived with that nose for 26 years, you can spot one a mile away. But that's not to say the kid wasn't carrying any of Brian's traits either. Along the lines of pronounced features was an enormous beer belly on the child. Not to say either of us have been drinking, but it sure looked familiar.

The nurse went through several pictures and angles, showing us the heart and the spine. She did an "above view" and we were looking at the top of the head. You could see tiny finger tips moving past the top of the head as though it didn't like all of the attention. The nurse took quite a few measurements and finally asked the question we had been waiting to hear, "would you like to know the sex?" Acting very innocent, Brian and I calmly said - "Sure, yeah, if you can, that would be nice, okey." But inside we were screaming "WELL HURRY UP ALREADY!!!"

In a matter of seconds she was pointing to a penis, and told us we have a boy. Brian let out a "WOW", until the nurse assured him that what he saw was the umbilical cord, not the penis. She showed us again, and we both relayed an "oh".

As most of you probably know, I was hoping for a boy. I would have loved a girl just the same, but I wanted to start out with a boy. So there he was. Christopher Decker. We couldn't be in a higher state of happiness.
After the ultrasound, Dr. Snowden allowed us to hear Chris' heartbeat once again, and this time it was stronger and louder than before. Another very reassuring feeling.

We were told it was a good time to take a tour of the hospital and to begin looking into Lamaze classes. Dr. Snowden also asked us to have a second ultrasound next week due to something they found in the first. He told us it was nothing to worry about until we had the second ultrasound done, and so we won't. We've decided to tell our families, but we'll wait until we know more next week to pass it on to everyone else. I personally think it will be nice to see him again so soon. Most couples have to wait until another few months, or even until the birth.

Well that seems to be all for now. Look for an upcoming post about the nursery and the second ultrasound. You should see one in a week or so. Thanks again to everyone who made a guess, and congrats to the ones who chose boy (i.e. Lauren, Sammy, Mark).
See you soon!!!

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