Friday, December 28, 2007


Wow, everyone seems to be joining the club! All the news reports seem to be right, there is another baby boom. In the past two months, three of our friends welcomed new family members. Ben and Meg brought Aiden home to join their other son Jacob. Melissa brought home her first - long awaited Sophie. And Jonas and Shaina added Hunter to their growing family.

And on top of that, we've heard from several people that they are expecting. Some further along than others. Good friends Lauren and Phil along with Amy and Steve will be expecting their first around the same time next summer. Before Christmas we heard Becky and Gary will be bringing home twins in August. Brian's brother Bob and his wife Kristin will be welcoming a second child in July. Then just this Friday we happened to run into Eric and Elisha just to find out they are already 17 weeks along!
That is a lot of babies! It will be amazing to watch all of these children grow through the years at the same pace. We just wanted to take this moment to wish everyone the best and send you all our love. Can't wait to see all those cute faces!

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