Sunday, December 30, 2007


I can't really say I've done a whole hell of a lot, so far. But I do know that I have a giant task list in front of me. Brian has been working on the house, getting some remodeling done before the big day. As long as the living room is done in the next month, so I can sit on my couch and not move an inch until the baby is born, I will be happy. But Brian is getting quite a bit done. In fact, he is downstairs right now, painting the ceiling. This comes after the tiring process of scraping the "popcorn ceiling" off. I know it was an aggravating experience for him, but it turned out magnificently. He should have the ceiling painted and a new ceiling fan up today. The new ceiling fan comes equip with a remote control, which again falls hand in hand with the couch potato fantasy. In the next week, he should have the stripped hardwood stained and lacquered, plus the walls painted by next weekend. It doesn't sound like to much, but he's already, torn down a fireplace, ripped up old carpet (and linoleum) and sanded the original hardwood. It's going to be beautiful. There is a "before picture" of the living room, one of Brian replacing the drywall where the fireplace use to be, and one of the original hardwood we discovered underneath the ugly carpet. I'll have an "after picture" in the next couple of weeks. After the living room is finished, it will be onto the baby's room. There was once a double door between the two largest rooms on the second floor, but with help from my dad, Brian had the wall sealed up in one day (not to mention the linen closet they built me that day too). So the wall needs to be plastered, the popcorn ceiling scraped, and the ceiling fan installed. It really isn't a lot of work before the painting begins. As I've mentioned before, we are going with a "Dumbo's Circus" theme. I plan on painting a red stripe wash on the walls and white scallops where the wall meets the ceiling. Nothing to harsh, just enough to give the illusion you're under the big top. I will be carving giant peanuts out of Styrofoam and tacking them on the walls. I'm still looking for a circle rug to place in the center of the room for the circus ring. (If you find one let me know) My mom has begun working on the focal point of the room, which will be a quilt wall hanging. She's made plans for a circus tent with Dumbo flying over. Not to mention all the receiving blankets and the all important "blanky" or "woobie" for little Christopher. She's making a quilt for him to sleep with, but then another blanket that could stand up to the messy routines of an infant. I've included two pictures of the sample fabric below. Then there is the Dumbo poster that will be on the opposite wall from the quilting hanging. I can't wait for the baby furniture to arrive and to begin putting the room all together. We've also begun working on the baby registries. This is not as fun of a task as it seemed it would be. It's not like a wedding registry where you just pick out items you need, like or fit your style. A baby registry takes a lot more research. The last thing you want to do is put something on the list that should have been recalled in 1982. There are so many opinions that you have to weed out from the facts. And most of the time you have to forgo style and fashion for safety. Sure, I want the least expensive, but that usually co-insides with the cheapest made. Now with all the foreign recalls, we are really keeping our eye out for American made, and not going with items made in China. It's not as easy as you think to get all this information. Plus being a first time mom, it's very difficult to decide what is a necessity and what is a luxury. How many bottles do I really need? Exactly what does a diaper gene do? Plus with both of our families living in another state, we are searching for a lot of items that travel easily. With all of the items we need, I think we may end up putting an SUV on our baby registry. I think we're getting it all covered. Between Babies R Us and Target, there isn't a whole lot they don't carry. For anything else, we've created another list on Kaboodle, which allows you to add items from multiple websites. Now if I could only find a way to include chocolate and cookies on the registries...

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