Friday, January 18, 2008

Ding Ding Round One

Let the boxing match begin! This boy knows how to pack em'. For about a month now the kicks, jabs, twists and turns have been becoming much stronger. From what I hear they are only going to get worse. It is a very strange emotion to look down and see one half of a boxing match going on in your stomach area. At first it's amazing, cute and fascinating. Then it becomes a little scary and freakish. Is there really something moving completely on its own in there? I'm not to sure about this. I like having control of my body. But he does what he wants. WHEN he wants. The when part usually happens at 1, 2, 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning, when I am suppose to be getting (according to all the books) my much needed rest. Although I will say that the last couple of weeks he has been pretty active all day. The only other new development is that Christopher has located the bladder button, and boy does he like it. I should say that he's pretty much laying on it now... 24 hours a day. Other than that this past month has been much like the one before. There has been a growth spurt and therefore an increase in the mid region (see picture ). I have found very few shirts that fit anymore and I feel a shopping trip coming on soon. Decker's good friend Ashley is sending me all of her maternity clothes, which is a godsend. Clothes are so expensive and who wants to spend money on a new wardrobe when you have baby expenses coming up. Speaking of expenses, we finished the living room and are now working on the baby's room. As promised I included photos (before and after) of the living room. It turned out much better than either of us expected. So as for now, Brian is painting the baby's room ceiling tonight and putting up the ceiling fan tomorrow. Then I hope to begin painting the walls on Sunday (with a vapor mask of course). Our furniture should be arriving soon, and just in time! Aunt Jan brought over a large bag of baby clothes this past weekend. Everything is absolutely adorable. I can't wait for him to show up so he can wear it all! The best part is that the clothes ranged in sizes and age. So we have some for now and some for later. Well it was brief, but I hope to write again next week once the baby's room is painted. I have tons to talk about. There's everything from daycare to Lamaze class, the glucose test, more remodeling and my blue crab feast. Just in case you didn't know, Brian promised that when I was 8 months or more I could order live blue crabs from Maryland and pig out. I'm sooo excited. I haven't had blue crabs in a couple of years. (This is quite sad for someone who grew up on the Chesapeake Bay.) We invited my parents up for the weekend to join us so it should be fun! Until next time...

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