Thursday, February 28, 2008


So Saturday was the big day. Well not "The Big Day," but a big day. Saturday was the baby shower. It was a fun time with lots of friends and family. We started out with a few munchies. Aunt Jan brought a fabulous chicken salad to accompany the veggies and fruit. Everyone had pretty much arrived by 1 o'clock. And as they entered my mom taped numbers to the gifts and Beth took names for the Swaddlers' raffle. - If you brought any pack of Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, your name was entered in a raffle to win a door prize. After everyone squeezed into the dining room and living room (which I once thought were large rooms) I began opening presents. Boy oh boy were there gifts galore. There was a trick though. Mom gave everyone baby toys that attached to their shirts. If you said the word "cute" than you lost your toy. You had to hand it over to whoever caught you using the word. It was a pretty fun game. Marti Ward apparently has ears like a bat and caught people left and right. Eventually everyone became silent because no one knew what to say about the gifts except how 'cute' they were. Every time I opened a gift I read the number out loud that my mom had placed on them. If the number was found on your bingo card then you marked it off. The first three to call out bingo won a prize. Both these games continued as I unwrapped gifts. (And a big thanks to Deb Hammond who collected all the wrapping paper, and to Heidi Evans for taking notes.)

Brian, Chris and I received so many wonderful, generous things. I didn't want to leave anyone out, so I'm going to try and include it all here. My mother-in-law, Pat, wasn't able to travel for the event, but made up for it with oodles of gifts. She and Bob sent the most beautiful canisters for the changing table. They each had a different animals on the lids. Somehow she saw me looking at them at Pottery Barn just a few days before... They also sent the coziest blanket (see picture) and numerous outfits. They were the perfect shade of blue. There was a stuffed bear that played a lullaby if you pulled his tail and an elephant rattle for Chris to play with. My personal favorite was the set of Beatrix Potter books. Brian's favorite, Charlotte's Web and Mother Goose nursery rhymes were also in the box.Kelli and Camme gave us the cutest alligator bath robe. We are calling it Chris' "Hugh Robe". It's too funny. The bath toys and outfits will be put to good use as well. Deb Hammond found the most adorable 4 piece outfit with puppies and dog bones on it. And she included some receiving blankets for him as well.
Melissa Kuessner along with her husband Chris and newborn Sophie gave us their "baby favorites". It was two pails filled with everything they couldn't have lived without the past couple of months. It had everything from (but not limited to) head-to-toe washcloths, a bottle brush, a nail care set, wrist rattles, burp clothes, the softest fleece blanket, and the "What to Expect the First Year" book. I plan on starting the book this week.
Beth and her daughter Kaia gave us some very hip onsies. Also in the box was a pale blue jacket with the number "28" on the side. Little did she know, but "28" was Chris Brothers' hockey number. Brian was all too excited to see it. Speaking of Chris Brothers- today, February 28th is Chris' birthday. Normally Brian and I have a shot of something from the liquor cabinet to celebrate his birthday, but I'm sure he won't mind if that liquor is milk this year.
So back to the gifts...
Janette, Beth's mom, made Christopher a beautifully hand stitched baseball quilt. Brian opened this gift and was amazed. I'm sure it took her quite a while to put it together and that a good amount of love went into it as well.
Elaine and her daughter Raven gave us the "Bath time Set" we had asked for and the cutest socks we'll ever see.
My sister Beth was also unable to make the trip out from D.C. but sent oodles of gifts in her place. She sent the microwave bottle sterilizer and night and day bottle warmer we really wanted. She sent onsies, sleepers, bottles, a brush and comb set and a baby health kit. Beth plans on coming up a month or so after Chris arrives to spend more time with us. We can't wait to see her. Katy and her fiancee Tyler also gave us a box full of goodies including bibs, safari crib sheets, activity toys and a game book. The box that everything came in was decorated by Katy as a keepsake box. (see picture above) We now have a place to put all the baby memories. It was a great idea that I have never seen before.
Lauren, my good friend from New York, and her husband Phil sent us the Diaper Gene we registered for along with refills to keep it going for a while. We're so excited the baby's room won't smell! Thanks to Lauren and Phil for thinking of us from so far away.
My aunt Jan's dogs, Tilly and Banjo, weren't at the party but found a way to send a gift bag filled with Dumbo items. There was a stuffed Dumbo doll and a whole dinner set -even a Dumbo place mat. I'm sure they will be used every night when Chris is old enough. Heidi gave us the baby Boppy pillow that we really wanted. She also gave us an adorable outfit and a set of hangers to start organizing Chris' clothes.
Kristen and her husband Rob gave us a Pooh bear outfit with Pooh feet and the changing pad cover we had asked for. I can't wait for Chris to try on the outfit.
Sue got us the rapid ear thermometer (I know this will probably be used a lot) and some hooded bath towels. There were also some onsies and sleep n' play outfits in the bag.
Amy had her husband Steve found the cutest book called "Chadwick the Crab" and some very soft receiving blankets. They too found the cutest outfits with a set of pants.
Beth Newns gave us a basket full of goodies filled with everything we would need. There were baby wipes, blankets, toys, head-to-toe washcloths and the coolest baby pacifier. The pacifier has a built in thermometer to make taking a temperature easy!
Aunt Jan found an organic "Baby Cocoon" to keep Christopher cozy and an organic sleep sack/swaddler. She also gave us a rubber ducky that would can tell you if the temperature of the bathwater is too hot.
Debbie Brandt and Kay weren't able to make it, but had sent their gifts ahead. Kay got us the baby monitor we had registered for. It has a buzzer on it when the receiver is out of range, to make sure that you can always hear the baby when you need to. Debbie sent long sleeve snap shirts and a teether to help Chris get through that rough time.
Marti found a book online, "Baby Taming", that was her favorite when she had her two children. It took a while to find since the book is now out of print. The illustrations and stories are absolutely hilarious. Also through the miracle of the Internet, she found a onsie that had a LOST Dharma symbol on the front stating "Baby Changing Station". Everyone who watches LOST got a big kick out of it. I think there were five of us geeks there.
My granma Pat sent some items with my mom from Kentucky including an incredibly soft stuffed bunny, baby bottles and a wrist rattle. She also got us the bouncer we wanted. Brian thinks the bouncer will come in handy when LOST is on. - We'll see.
Gramma Marion gave us moohlah to take to the bank and buy what we needed. It will be added to the gift cards that Micha, Uncle Jim and Aunt Judi gave us. I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but we're planning a shopping trip for this weekend.
My mom and dad surprised Brian and I with Chris' car seat and snap n' go stroller. They also gave us a 5 year hand print kit. There's a tin for Chris' first five years to stamp his hand and watch him grow. My mom also gave us all the items she's been working on for months. There were burp pads, receiving blankets and two beautiful quilts. I will get pictures of the quilts on here soon, you'll want to see them. They also got Chris the cutest stuffed monkey. He's incredibly soft. My cousin Robin stopped by on Sunday afternoon and dropped off two adorable outfits. I can't wait for Chris to try them on. It was a really nice surprise.
Sue Barron and Connie weren't able to make it to the shower but gave us gift on Monday when we returned to work. Sue found several adorable outfits including one that reads "Future Mr. Right". Boy does she know us or what! Connie, her husband Al and their son Max gave us all kinds of goodies including bibs, hats, crib sheets, and some onsies.
Wooo! I told you it was a lot. Brian and I ended up doing 4 loads of laundry on baby clothes alone! But the rest of the party was fun. After we opened gifts my mom had another game planned. I walked around the room with a tray of baby items, letting each guest take time to view them. When I was done, I left the room and my mom told everyone "Okay - now write down everything Sarah is wearing." Melissa was able to name quite a few things. But then we found out she had help! She had played this game at her own shower only months before! But hey, it's not about how you win, right? For the last shower game my mom had filled baby bottle with rice and various trinkets. You had to shake, roll and maneuver the bottle to find all the items hiding in the rice. Heidi was the first to find them all and in a short amount of time too!
After all the gifts had been opened and games had been won we cut the cake. Beth and Amy brought a delicious chocolate cake. I know Brian thanks everyone at the party for leaving him leftovers.
And with that, everyone began to filter out and head home. A few stayed around to chat for a while but by 4 the party was over.
I was pooped! I didn't realize how tired I was until I sat down. But I didn't stay sitting for long. My mom and aunt took me to the Galleria for maternity clothes. I found some great outfits to help me along the way. Afterwards we got P.F. Chang's to-go and came home to Brian and the dogs. I don't think it took us too long after dinner to pass out. Then Sunday came, my mom said good-bye and headed back to Kentucky and Brian and I lounged the rest of the day.
It was a great weekend. I got to see a few people I hadn't seen it a long time. But mostly we are so thankful to everyone for being so generous with gifts. We certainly didn't expect half of what we received, but we will definitely put it all to good use.
This weekend we are taking our 8-hour Lamaze class, so look forward to a new blog next week. And then soon my parents will be in town for the CRAB FEAST. Trust me, all the heartburn, leg cramps and nausea will be forgotten as soon as I have a dozen steamed blue crabs in front of me. YUMMY.
Until then...

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  1. I got your blog from Google Alert & I'm glad to see you received some organic baby items. I have started my online organic baby boutique & it's been fun researching organics & learning about the benefits of going organic for babies. Best of luck & I'd love to see a photo of the organic item you received. Carrie -