Thursday, February 7, 2008


Let me count the ways... So do you remember the blog down below describing our wonderful shopping trip with Brian's parents in search of our nursery furniture? Well the story made a complete 180 this week. Holy hell. I really wanted this blog to be all cutesy and filled with "ooo's" and "awes" not "oh no's!" and "ahhhhs!" But for my benefit, and yours, the story must be told. It will help me relieve some of the frustration and stress this crooked enterprise has put on me, but it will also (hopefully) keep you from ever buying anything from these complete morons.

So the story begins three weeks ago. Three weeks ago it was nearing the end of January. Over dinner one night Brian and I began to talk about how we hadn't heard anything on the delivery of our furniture. I surely must be in soon we thought. The wonderful saleswoman Angela at Treasure Rooms told us when we purchased our furniture on September 22, 2007 that it would take no more than 12 weeks to come in. She assured us it was worth the wait because every piece was made to order in Canada. No problem we said. The baby isn't due until April. The end of December would still leave us plenty of time.

Well the end of January is a little different than the end of December, so I decided to give them a call. I called first thing Monday morning and spoke to a nice receptionist, who's name escapes me. I asked if I could get the status of my furniture. I even gave her the order number since I had the receipt in front of me. She then tells me I'll have to wait and speak to our saleswoman Angela and that she wasn't working that day. She asked if I could call back tomorrow. Why Angela couldn't call me (two phone numbers were listed on the order slip) I don't know.

The next day I called and spoke with Angela. "Oh they just arrived at our warehouse yesterday afternoon. I was just going to call you." Sure they did. Sure she was. Nonetheless, it didn't matter. Our baby furniture had arrived and our nursery would soon filled. She gave me the phone number of their delivery company so I could call and schedule a delivery date. I called the number immediately and spoke to a very scared young woman who explained to me that the girl who normally places delivery dates was sick and wouldn't be in until the next day. She said she could "try" and schedule the delivery for me, but it would take a little while for her to navigate through their computer program, as it would be her first time. "No, no," I said. "I'll call again tomorrow." Well I called the following day, and the day after that, and the day after that. I called until on the fourth day the regular "scheduler" returned to work. She had the flu. Okay... well I needed the furniture delivered either on the weekend or in the evening, seeing as how Brian and I both work 8-5 Monday through Friday. They don't do evenings or weekends. Luckily, Brian was scheduling a Monday off a week and a half away. We scheduled the delivery for the 4th, this past Monday.

On the morning of the 4th, the delivery truck driver called Brian to confirm the scheduled delivery and set-up. They also told him that the top of the armoire had a large scratch on it, and they were going to send it to Treasure Rooms for repair. Well that was awfully nice of them not to deliver damaged goods I thought. They then told Brian they would be there by 2.

Apparently 2 meant 3:30. And "they" turned out to be a 20 year old man and 70-something year old man. Brian had to help them get the dresser up the stairs. Thank God I wasn't the one staying home to let them in.
I got home around 6 and immediately had Brian and Stephen start moving the pieces around the room to find where I liked them. That's when I saw it. Two scratches on two corners of the dresser. Now why would they not deliver one damaged piece, but still deliver the other??? Okay... I'll call and talk to Treasure Rooms the next day. Then Brian points out the sticker located on the back of one piece, "MADE IN CHINA". What! How so? But she said... You have got to be kidding me. Normally you would be upset about this and move on. But we purchased this furniture during all the big recalls, and made sure that we weren't buying anything made in China. She lied to us. It's not like she didn't tell us, or we didn't ask, no. Angela lied to us. If steam could have come from my ears it would have.

10 a.m. Tuesday morning, I called Treasure Rooms. Angela wasn't in yet. So I started telling my problems to the gentleman who answered the phone. First I mentioned the top of the armoire. I wanted to know when it would be fixed by. He already knew about this problem and said he would find out when he talked to the repair man later that day. Then I told him about the other two scratches on the dresser. He said he'd have the repair man call me. He doesn't work for Treasure Rooms directly and makes his own schedule. "Will he be able to fix it in the next two months?" I asked. "I have a baby coming in two months." He said, "I have no idea." Well...

Then I started to explain the "Made in China" situation. I started to explain how upset I was. I started to - "That's not my problem," he said. Excuse me? "You'll have to talk to Angela about that." But I told him that I was talking to him, and I wanted to figure out why these items were made in China, but advertised that they were made in Canada. He again said, "not my problem, you'll have to talk to Angela about that when she gets in." I asked to speak to a manager. "I'm the store owner." --- Hold off. He's the store OWNER and he can't talk to me about this? I asked him this question, and he informed me that his employees don't lie to customers so either I must be mistaken, or intentionally trying to cause problems.

So this is when I started crying.

I said I wasn't mistaken, Angela told us when we bought the furniture that it was made in Canada, why would I make that up? "I don't know, not my problem," he said again. I was absolutely speechless. We battled words back and forth for another minute, but every time I said something he would cut me off: "not my problem, you need to talk to Angela." I said I wanted to talk to him about it. He said that if I wanted to continue talking to him about the problem that I would have to come to the store so he could hear Angela's side of the story first, and then meet with the two of us together, in person. I hung up.

I then went into the hyperventalating cry and called my mom. Neither of us could believe that a store owner, that sells nursery furniture, didn't know how to talk to a customer. A woman. A pregnant woman. Regardless if I'm right or wrong in the end, I've never been so insulted in my life.

When Angela called me later that day, and yes - she called me, she stated that the company's operations must have moved to China sometime in the six months our furniture was to be made and delivered. Wow. That must be it. I'm a moron. I should have known that myself. She then told me she was unaware of the damage to the armoire. She would get details and get back to me later. That meant over 24 hours later. That night (Tuesday -two nights ago) I sat in the nursery looking at this beautiful, expensive furniture, and I fumed.

What I should have been feeling, what any expectant mother should be feeling when looking at a new nursery is joy, happiness, elation. But instead I look at it and I'm pissed off. I'm angier than a wet fire-ant hill. Brian called his parents. They purchased the furniture for us afterall, they should know what's going on. I didn't want to bother Brian's mom when any of it. But she called Angela herself the next day. Angela called me at 4:45 yesterday afternoon and said we could return the furniture. But there would be a $200 restocking fee.

WHAT!? They can't even waive the restocking fee? I told her it wasn't my desicion, she needed to talk to my mother-in-law. She bought the items, it was up to her. I started to recite the phone number, and Angela stopped me. "I have the number, she just sounded upset earlier and I didn't want to bother her." Really?! She didn't want to bother her? She didn't have a problem with lying to us. Dennis didn't have a problem badgering me. Did she just change religions? What made her decide to become a saint now??? I told her I'd call her back later.

I told Brian to tell his parents he and I would pay the $200 restocking fee. I just wanted the furniture out of our house. Brian's mom told us to find new furniture and everything would be taken care of.

The worst part about this is that I feel bad. I feel bad that Brian's parents had to have this trouble. That his mom had to deal with this BS. I feel guilty because Brian's parents were so generous in buying us this furniture and it had to turn out this way. I really didn't want all this complication. In fact I really thought the one thing that we had ready was the furniture.

After we got home last night Brian's mom suggested we check out Pottery Barn Kids. We looked online and saw a few things we liked and headed to the store. We normally wouldn't be in such a rush, but now we are down to a matter of weeks. Not months like before.

The wonderful saleswoman and PBK helped us find the perfect crib, dresser/changing table, and side table. She was also generous enough to tell us that if we made a registry and made a fake event date, that we could save 10%. Any items we purchased after the "event date" would be 10% off. So it looks like I had an imaginary baby shower today, and if we purchase the items after today, we'd get the discount. Pretty nice. The crib and side table would be available at the store for pick up immediately and the changing table would be shipped to our house in no later than 6 weeks. I can deal with that. I can definitely deal with that.

So I guess the story does have a happy ending, but man we had to go through the mountains to get there. Moral of the story? Treasure Rooms sells quality furniture. But it's made in China and if you have a problem, it's not the owner's problem (Dennis is his name by the way). Go with the middle man. Don't settle for the cheapest, but the most expensive has it's flaws as well.

Now I know I promised pictures of the baby's room (which has been painted), but I wanted to show pictures with the new furniture in it. So you'll have to wait a week longer. Below I've posted pictures of the furniture we picked out from Pottery Barn (catalog pictures) - hopefully that will hold you over until we pick up the new stuff. Look forward to the next 10 weeks being much busier on the blog. A lot will be going on before Christopher gets here... Thanks for listening to my rant. The next blog will be much cheerier. I promise.


  1. Hi! I'm so glad we found your review of Treasure Rooms. I had someone tell me that he had a problem with the owner about a year and a half ago. He had bought nursery furniture and when his baby passed away at the delivery, the owner refused to accept the furniture as a return even though they never got to use it. We went today to check it out for ourselves as we are expecting a baby soon and wanted to buy some quality furniture. Everything was fine until the woman who was helping us seemed very aggravated when we decided to wait to purchase (and likely WILL NOT now) the furniture we were looking at and was trying to give us the whole "well, it might not be here tomorrow, we may sell it tonight" and "IF it's still here" song and dance. Then the owner came up and said they don't accept phone orders because sometimes people back out. I said, "makes sense" and was moving on in my questions when he revisited the subject (when I wasn't even talking to him in the first place) and was very aggressive with his statements. That was when we left the store. I'm glad you mentioned PBK because we didn't know where to go next to find quality furniture, which is what started my google search in the first place. I was looking up Treasure Rooms to find similar stores in the STL area. Anyway, I'm sorry you had a horrible experience, but your review has DEFINITELY made our decision for us. Thank you!

  2. I am on a mission to get Treasure Rooms to take responsibility for its actions and/or at the very least be recognized through the BBB as a business who does not provide quality service or value its customers. We had a HORRID experience, some of which mirrors yours above, and after posting my reviews online, I have been inundated with responses by others who received equally appalling treatment (one dated back to 1995). How they are still in business - especially in a "recovering" economy boggles my mind. Let me know if I can share your story, please.

    1. Hi Jessica, thank you for your comment. I read your review as well. Please feel free to share my story with anyone and everyone. I've tried adding my review to any site I could at the time. I even wrote a letter to BBB. Please let me know if you need any help.