Thursday, March 20, 2008


48 crabs, 7 animals, 4 parents, 2 photographers, and one baby on the way. My, oh my we had a busy weekend. My parents arrived on Friday afternoon to kick off the festivities. We didn't know it until they arrived, but they had not two, but three dogs in tow. We knew my mom's dogs - Wicket and Chica would be tagging along, but they brought along a German Shepard puppy as well. She was going to a good home in Ballwin. My parents received the inquiries about her and when they found out the adopters lived in the St. Louis area, they were more than happy to bring her to them.

Not long after my parents arrived, so did the photographers. Brian and I had scheduled a maternity photo shoot late last year. Who knew it would become March so quickly. We found William Good's "Kid in Me Photography" through a magazine, Parent's Sourcebook, at one of our early visits to Dr. Snowden's office. I checked out his website and found he was giving half off maternity photo shoots so he could build that portion of his portfolio. I loved all the pictures that were shown online, and decided to request a session.
It was a lot of fun, and really laid back. The best part was that the studio was brought to us. William showed up at our house at the time we requested with an assistant and set up right in our living room. With a backdrop, two light umbrellas and a stool in place, we were ready to go. He was also kind enough to take some of the pictures in the baby's room like we had requested. All in all the photo shoot took about an hour and a half. Two weeks from now we should be able to view our proofs online and order what we want. It's also nice because family members can go online and order what they want as well.
After the session was over my parents, Brian, and I walked down to Chuck-A-Burger for a late dinner. We had a good time, laughing for most of it. My dad told an R-rated joke that I will not soon forget, but wish I could. I chuckle even now just thinking about it. We got home, and watched a little TV before passing out for the night.
On Saturday Brian had to work so I decided to run the errands with my parents. I went with my dad to Home Depot. He helped me find the right shelves for our new linen closet. We also needed a few other odds and ends for the house. While we were there Brian was leaving work, so he just met us at the store. Knowing that my mom and I had to get out and about, I left Brian with my dad and headed home to get my mom.
First stop, LUNCH. We went to the Steak and Shake next to the Mills Mall, and surprisingly sat down rather quickly considering it was right around noon. We both had a salad - which I've never had from Steak and Shake before, but it was wonderful. We then headed over to Babies R Us and picked up the playard or port-a-crib we really wanted. We also found a few other odds and ends we needed including a sleep positioner. My mom found Chris' first Cardinal's outfit to bring home to Brian. I believe he's all set for the first game of the season. I put the gift cards my Uncle John and Aunt Chris gave us towards the playard. My mom was kind enough to pay for the rest. THANK YOU MOM! It will definitely come in handy with all the traveling to Kentucky and Georgia this kid will be doing.
After Babies R Us we found a fabric store to pick up some more fabric for Chris' bumper pads that my mom is making. After that headed to the grocery store and then home. The crabs had arrived earlier that morning and were just waiting for someone to steam them and pick em.

It has been years, really, YEARS since I've had live blue crabs! I couldn't wait. My mom did most of the work while I just watched over her shoulder (see picture). We finally dove into the pile of steaming blue crabs around 4:30. Boy oh boy they were just as good as I remember. I really enjoyed showing Brian how to pick into the crabs. It's not rocket surgery (as my brother Decker says) but there is definitely a certain way to go about opening them. Brian, as most people are, was amazed how much work was involved for such a small amount of crab meat. I've always said, you don't get full from eating crabs, you just get tired of picking them.

So we stuffed our faces for an hour and a half and then saved the rest for crab cakes. After dinner I worked on organizing the new linen closet that my dad and Brian had put together when my mom and I were out. Brian was kind enough to clean the kitchen, and by 8 p.m. we were on the couch. We went to bed fairly early, considering we had stayed up late the night before. But I enjoyed getting a little more sleep than normal.
Sunday morning was filled with helping my parents pack up and tiding the house for "parents - round two". Brian's parents were coming over early to see my parents who they haven't seen since the wedding. It was fun having everyone together again. We chatted for about an hour before my parents headed out. I sent them off with 10 or so extra crabs to give to my brother (so if you didn't get them, it's not my fault). I was sad to see them leave as fast as they got here, but I was so thrilled they were both able to make the trip together. With three parents, a dog rescue, two horses (and apparently two cows now) to take care of, they don't get to leave the farm together that often. Decker was kind enough to spend his weekend there looking after things.
So we spent the afternoon with Brian's parents doing a little more shopping. We again hit the food scene for some grub before we walked around Babies R Us. Bob and Stephen went to Cabella's while Brian, Pat and I went shopping. Brian's parents we kind enough to buy us a stroller for when Chris is out of his car seat and his highchair, amongst a few other things. THANK YOU BOB AND PAT! It is certainly things we will use in the upcoming months. And from what I hear time goes by much faster once the baby is born.
After shopping, and a few near death experiences on the car ride back (we always give Bob a hard time about his driving) we were home. We took a little while to put the stroller together before lounging around. Brian's parents headed back to their hotel to get some rest before we went to dinner.
After watching Tiger win the golf tournie that day, we headed into Clayton to eat at Araka. We had a wonderful dinner. One of Stephen's friends worked in the kitchen and really treated us well. He sent out the most tasteful Veil and potato appetizer. It was amazing. After I ate my entree he sent out a dessert platter with a taste of everything from the menu. I was stuffed. (and wiped out). We had had such a busy weekend!
We went home, watched a little TV until 11 p.m. and headed to bed.
Brian went and helped his parents with some family business on Monday while I went into work. We spent Monday evening picking crabs for crab cakes. By then the eventful weekend came to an end. Brian's parents headed back to Atlanta on Wednesday. It has actually taken me two days to recuperate before I could write this blog! And even still, I'm wiped out. So I'm going to head to the living room, kick up my feet and watch a little LOST. This weekend is wide open so far, but it's only Thursday and I have a feeling I'll be just as busy with something else.
We're on a week by week doctor's visit schedule now, so there will be lots to talk about next week. Until then...

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  1. Thanks for the kind comments guys! I had fun meeting you, checking out your fab house, and meeting your parents, too! Oh, and I'm jealous you got to eat crab. My mom's side of the family live in Florida and I grew up loving to eat anything that swims (except people, of course.)

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about the baby!