Monday, March 3, 2008


Okay, I guess it's time to get serious. (Quick note - for those of you looking for the baby shower blog, please keep scrolling down) We had our Lamaze training this weekend. We opted for the one day 8 hour training instead of attending two hours a night, once a week, for six weeks. And yes all you math majors out there are correct. The six week course would have been 12 hours long, not 8. I suppose she must have skipped certain items that weren't as "important" for the one day class. But it really worked out nice. It was a lot of information at once, but nothing I can't remember, or ask my doctor about later if I do forget. And besides by the time I'm trying to squeeze a watermelon out a hole the size of a grape, I don't think I'll give a crap about the "focal point object." I found the most useful information was more of what our hospital offers and doesn't offer. I'm well prepared for the fact that I may be in labor for 18 hours, but I didn't know that it was a mandatory 48 hour stay for vaginal births and 96 hours for cesareans. Sure I knew that Brian was allowed in the delivery room, but I didn't know that I could have a total of 5 people there for the birth. (Now seriously- if you have 5 people you want in the room with you for the birth of your child, you have WAY too many close friends).

The biggest amount of information, and most valuable I found, was learning about all the different kinds of drugs available. For those of you who don't know, and most of you do, I don't think I'll be taking the epidural. Let's say I'm 95% sure. If I change my mind and go with that other 5% it won't be because of the pain. Trust me, I'm expecting the pain. But it would be because of a necessary reason. What could that reason be? I don't know. But I won't say I'm not taking the epidural 100% because I don't believe this is something you can plan at 100%. You have to leave room for changes. For all you women out there screaming "ARE YOU CRAZY?!!?" - I may be, but until you have your doctor's license, I'd rather not hear it. It's my decision. It may not have been yours and you may not think anyone should do otherwise, but it's my decision. I don't normally feel the need to explain myself, but since many of you think I am crazy, I'll get you off my back by explaining. My reason is simple. I do not want a needle going in my spine. Period. I shiver every time I think about it. And it's not a shiver like - "oh it's chilly outside today". No, it terrifies me. Do I think the epidural could cause problems with the baby's health? - no. Do I think the epidural would cause problems with my health? - no. I just don't want that needle anywhere near my back.
But back to the point. It was great to hear all of my other options with other narcotics. It was nice to know that even though the hospital will recommend one kind that I have the right to ask for one of the other four kinds. And now I know the pro's and con's and can make an educated decision. Who knows, I may do all this whining about not having an epidural and then end up having a cesarean.
The rest of the class was filled with a lot of potty breaks and breathing exercises. The highlight of the day was during our "practice pushes." We had to sit in a chair facing our partner and place our feet on their hips with our hands on our knees. Our shoulders were up and our chins were down. During one of our practice pushes one of the girls yells out, "Hey! This is how I got pregnant in the first place!" We all lost our breath and started laughing hysterically. I think she was more serious than we all took her. But she chuckled as well and we went on pushing.
In the end we got a certificate. Proud Parents to Be - Sarah and Brian Daniels - have completed Lamaze. Woo hoo! Now we're ready for anything.
Yeah right.
We have lined up for two weeks from now an Infant Care class. Another one day class just as before. But we haven't decided if we are going to go. One, it's $70 (and the Lamaze just put us back $95). And to tell you the truth, I'm not sure how much I'll learn in the class that I can't find in a book. But we'll see. In two weeks we may find four 20's lying on the ground and we'll go after all. Never say never.
Anyway, this one will be short. I'm headed to Kentucky this weekend for my dad's 60th and my granpa's 90th birthdays then my parents will be in town the following weekend for the crab feast. I wanted to tell you about Lamaze class before I forgot everything! (Ha Ha). I should have pictures of the baby's room up here next week. Our dresser just arrived today and we'll be putting all his clothes away tonight. But for those of you who asked, I have included before and after pictures of the work we did on the dining room. Living room - check. Baby's room - check. Dining room - check. Kitchen - uncheck. Hopefully it can be done in a month! And for those of you who are interested in seeing the entire set of "Baby Rules" cartoons that Beth Newns sent me, check out my myspace page. All 27 are there.
In the words of Sue Wilson, TOODLES!

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