Thursday, April 3, 2008


Really, it's okay. I know I look tired. And I promise, four other people have already told me today. I know your being sympathetic, but really it would be much nicer to hear, "Wow you look great for being 8 1/2 months pregnant!" Lie People! Lie! I promise, I know I look like about to "pop" and I know that I have the worst under-eye circles, but I don't need to actually hear the words "my goodness you're huge". If you are unable to lie, it would be best to just grin and walk away.

I must apologize to every woman I ever spoke to when she was pregnant. I'M SOOOO SORRY. I didn't realize that asking the question "So, are you ready?" sounds more like nails on chalkboard to a pregnant woman.
Okay, so maybe I'm being harsh. As my mom will agree, I do love a bright spotlight. I've been an attention getter since I was 4. But I really didn't know how much attention pregnancy brings. The only thing worse than the old women wanting to rub my belly at the super market is the 50 something year-old men who smile at me when I pass them in the store. It's very creepy. I'm not sure what they are thinking, and really don't want to know for that matter.
But as I stated above, there's only two (maybe three - maybe less) more weeks to go. I can tough it out. Although, ironically enough, I've had three people tell me today that the last two weeks are the longest. Dr. Snowden told us on Tuesday, I can't stay pregnant forever. The day, or night, will come before I know it.
I'm still having trouble visualizing that what is now kicking the daylights out of me on the inside will soon be crying on the outside. Does it not amaze anyone else?
So, according to our last two doctor's visits everything looks good. Very good. Chris is head down just the way he should be. I'm not dilating yet. "Maybe 1/2 centimeter," to quote Dr. Snowden. But he says that doesn't mean a thing. I could go into labor tonight. There's just no telling.
So just in case, we have our hospital bags all packed and sitting by the front door. I probably packed too much. (I'm an over-packer). But I'd rather have more than I need than not enough. We also packed a few outfits for Christopher. Not knowing how big he will be makes it tough. We packed for a small, medium, and large baby. -I'm hoping for the small. The most essential item we packed was toilet paper. I'm not about to stay in a hospital and use that rice paper. Attention all pregnant women - it's not on any list you will find - but bring your own toilet paper.
Other than packing our bags and putting together the port-a-crib, there's not much going on. Just a lot of waiting and lounging. I'm enjoying the lounging while I can. I did leave the house for a haircut last night. One- it was nice to get out, two - it was nice to get a haircut. It's been way too long since I've had a haircut. I cut it shorter than usual, trying to make things easier for myself and knowing that it may be way too long again before I get back to the salon. You'll get to see the new do when I take the "38th week" picture for the blog tomorrow. I definitely look way too tired to take that picture tonight!
Since there are only two more weeks until I reach the 40 week mark, this may be the last blog until after Chris gets here. Keep checking the next week or so- before you know it there may be a picture of the little man himself on the site! We (meaning Brian) will get it posted as soon as Brian gets to run home after the birth.
I guess now we'll just have to sit and wait...(but hopefully not for too long.)

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