Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ahhh, a three month old boy wearing six-month clothes. Gotta love it. We just went and bought 15 new onsies that will probably only fit him for the next month. (We seemed to get everything but 6 mo clothes.) He is the sweetest bundle of joy though. He's really taken on a whole new life. He's very aware now, and follows you with his eyes where ever you go. He has a great smile. No giggles yet, but when he smiles he turns his head to his shoulder, scrunches his neck and grins. He loves to be tickled and he'll always return a grin. He's also growing some hair finally. It's only a centimeter or two long, but it sticks straight up. Too funny. He's also moved up to his own room this past weekend. He has reached capacity in his cradle that was in our bedroom. If he stretched out completely he could touch one end with his fingers and the other with his toes. So it was really time. It was a difficult move, for me - not for Christopher. I cried twice. But he never knew anything was different. The first night he woke up at 2 a.m. as usual fussing and crying. He eventually chowed down on some formula. He was back to sleep in no time. He woke up again at 6:30 a.m. but we didn't hear cries coming over the baby monitor. We could hear the little man talking to himself. A lot of "goo's" and a lot of "ahh's" and a whole bunch of "blah's". Brian went up first while I made a bottle. Brian calls downstairs, "You've got to come see this." So I fly up the stairs thinking something is wrong. When I get up to his room I can't see him in his crib. As I walk closer I notice that he has turned himself perpendicular to the direction we had laid him in at 2. He scooted his way down to the end of the crib, out of his sleep positioner, and turned sideways. I look over the railing to find him talking away and looking at me up-side-down. It was probably the only laugh in my life that I've had that early in the morning. Goofball. He's had a pretty good month, not too much excitement. He did get to meet many relatives on my side. We went to my cousin Danny's graduation party about three weeks ago. There were cousins I hadn't seen in years, so it was pretty exciting. The best was having Christopher meet his great-uncle Jim and great-Aunt Judi. I know they had been looking forward to meeting him for a very long time. Uncle Jim held him for most of the time we were there. In fact I don't think we were there for even two minutes when Aunt Judi made us hand him over and told Brian and I to go eat. And we always cherish the moments when we can eat at the same time.

The music was a little loud, and my cousin Robin's singing could pierce anyone's ears (sorry Robin), so we stayed in the adjoining room with Uncle Jim and Aunt Judi most of the time. My cousin Verna and Robin came in to visit several times. We had to leave before to long. We really only get three hour windows to do anything these days. But we enjoyed the time we spent with family. It was wonderful seeing Lynn, Leslie, and Susan again.

There really hasn't been much other excitement going on. My mom came up for a week to babysit and will be back again in a week. Christopher is going to a home sitter three days a week now. He seems quite content and Ashley always has good reports. He is in a good mood every time we pick him up.
Well I hope that's enough of an update for now. Next month he gets more shots and moves on to solid food. And hopefully he'll be rolling over by then. So there will be lots to talk about.

On a side note, I want to send love and best wishes out to two of my favorite girls, Lauren and Amy. They are both due in the next month. Actually, Lauren is about to pop any second and I wish she would hurry up so we can find out if it's a boy or a girl! And Amy is due in late August. She's expecting a beautiful baby girl named Raegan. Love to you both.
Until next time, much love.

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