Sunday, September 21, 2008


So for the past five months Brian and I have thought that we have this miraculous child that never (almost never) gets upset. The only time his is fussy is with gas, or when you don't get the bottle to him fast enough. He's very consolable, and very happy - all of the time. Even after he was first born he didn't cry much. He would just stare at you while you changed his diaper - even now he loves getting his diaper changed. He rarely gets upset, and when he does it doesn't take long to make him happy again. We of course weren't and still aren't complaining. I'd take a happy baby over a fussy baby any day. It's just that we constantly heard stories of colicky babies, inconsolable babies, and babies that just cried non-stop. We expected something, and we just didn't get it.

Until Sunday, September 13th.
Oh. My. Goodness. There was absolutely nothing that could be done to make Christopher happy. He woke up Sunday crying and he continued for about 12 hours. He was a little fussy on Saturday, but not too bad. I was not expecting anything on the following day. The first three to four hours were the worst. He constantly cried and screamed. Screams of pain actually. Nothing like we had heard before. Brian and I assumed it was all do to constipation. Poor Christopher. There was nothing we could do for him. His little tummy was aching in pain and all we could do was hold him.

He took a bottle around 6 a.m. and didn't eat again until 2 p.m - and then only ate 2 ounces of formula. (He normally eats 6 ounces every 3-4 hours) After 3 hours of constant crying his whole attitude changed. It turned into a whine and moan. He kept his eyes closed and just moaned. It was the saddest thing I'd ever seen.
We knew it had to do with constipation simply because he hadn't gone in two days. And normally this boy is like clockwork. Everyday. Once a day. This was the first time he'd gone over a day, and obviously he was upset about it. His moans eventually turned back into crying and then he spiked a fever around 5 p.m.
I'd been on the phone with nurses all day and one of them finally said we needed to bring him to the ER. They were concerned with the way he was crying and the fever. All the symptoms we gave them didn't seem to fit.
So we packed a diaper bag, put away the dogs and headed out the door. Once we were in the car and two miles into our trip to the hospital everything became silent. Not a peep out of the little guy. Complete silence. Well I'm not going to go to the hospital with a "sick baby" just to tell the doctor he won't stop crying when he isn't even crying when the doctor sees him. Brian and decided to turn the car around a see what happens. We got back home 5 short minutes later.
Brian decided to watch Christopher while I went to the sun porch to do my work-from-home work. Less than a half-hour later I hear a tap on the kitchen door. I look over and Brian is holding Christopher in one arm and a poopy diaper in the other. We were like kids. Jumping up and down. We were so happy screaming "Christopher pooped! Yea! Yea for poop!" Christopher was pretty happy with himself as well. His discomfort really went down 10 levels and he was back to his smiling self.
He ended up a little fussy again on Monday with a small temperature. But the doctor's office thinks it may be from teething. Which would make sense, since he is a drool monster these days. It would also explain the numerous symptoms that the nurses couldn't fit together.
Looking back, it was a rough day. Brian and I were really hoping for a relaxing Sunday afternoon, and we got the complete opposite. But at least we know the child is normal, and isn't going to be happy all the time.
Other than the one Sunday, he's had a pretty good month. We did take a trip one Saturday and went to lunch and the park with our friend Sam and his son Jayden. It was a lot of fun. Jayden is getting to be such a big boy. I remember visiting him at the hospital when he was born. It was almost three years ago, but feels like yesterday.
My mom was able to come in town to watch Christopher for a week. She was able to feed him cereal, which they both enjoyed. She also had new toys for him which he absolutely loves.

He's of course grown a lot in the last month, but we won't find out how much until his 6 month visit in October. He has had a few nights of sleeping all night, but not enough to say it's a regular occurrence. Christopher has also decided that he likes sleeping on his stomach better. The second you set him in his crib he rolls straight to his tummy. You can try rolling him back, but it does no good. He'll occasionally sleep on his side, but I think he falls asleep while rolling over and just stops.
Christopher is Mr. Observant these days. He loves to watch everything and will reach for anything in your hands. He loves to be outdoors so he can watch the leaves moving in the wind. He's certainly on his way to being a "big boy" himself. Before we know it, it will be his third birthday. But hopefully there will be a few more blog posts and exciting events to transcribe before then.
Until the next milestone...

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  1. he is just the most adorable thing! if you ever come to visit MD, make sure you stop by the house....xoxo