Sunday, October 26, 2008


Halloween... It's the start of it all. It's the beginning of Fall, the beginning of the holiday season. This is the time when everyone gets in gear for the upcoming events. Halloween is just a prelude to Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a day to get your mind prepared for what's to come. It's just starting to get cold, and you're just starting to spend money. Halloween lets you know that people are ready to celebrate. People are ready to spend time together and have fun. You don't have to do much for Halloween. But when you go to the store to buy your costume and the candy for trick-or-treaters you walk past the Pumpkin Pie mixes and Christmas tree lights.

As for Christopher Decker, he has started to move into a new season of childhood. He has made some big leaps this past month, although if we look into the future, they are only small steps compared to what's to come.
Last Sunday, October 19th, Christopher sat up on his own. He did remarkably well. Rosa, our cat, was sprawled out on the living room rug and Christopher sat next to her just staring and talking to her. He was mesmerised. It was all too funny. It was also strange. Seeing this child completely on his own. It was like seeing him in a new way. He looked exactly the same as he did the day before, but yet like I had never seen him before. Almost as though he's now a person, not just a baby. Of course he just looked at me and grinned as though it was no big deal at all. It's only been a week since that big day but he's a pro at sitting up now. My mom brought him a new toy on her last visit and he loves to sit up with the toy between his legs.
This is of course a big leap in the realm of baby Christopher. But I also see it as the beginning of a bigger journey. Soon, all too soon, he will be crawling and walking. Sitting up is just like Halloween. It's so much fun, but you know Christmas is right around the corner.

Christopher is also going to be using a new car seat soon. He went to the doctor's for his six month check up and shots this past week and we learned that he weighed 21 lbs. and 6.5 oz. (96th percentile for his age). He also came in at 29.5 inches long (99th percentile for his age). I guess it just goes to prove that he's not fat, just long. Well his car seat is 30/30. Meaning it goes up to 30lbs. or 30 inches.
So... this means that Christopher gets a new car seat. My mother was kind enough to get us the car seat since the last one she got us was recalled. We went to Babies R Us on Tuesday to get it, along with some new clothes, new toys, and wipes. I always get more than I intend when I go to Babies R Us. It's just fact that you will find other things you need while you are there. Hopefully we'll get it installed in the car this week.
As for the "ROAR" in the title of this blog... Christopher has found his voice. If I have said this before, I was wrong. He has now learned how to scream. Especially when you don't pay attention to him. It's this blood-curdling scream. He reaches octaves I didn't know babies could reach. You can usually seem him working it up too. He takes in a deep breath, waits one second and then lets go. It can actually give you a headache. We laugh at it every time, which probably tells him to keep doing it cause Mommy and Daddy find it funny.

Christopher has a new bathtub seat that he'll be using during his next bath time. Say good-bye to the baby bathtub and hello to the baby bath seat. It will be nice that he can sit and play with his bath toys instead of just the one hooked to his old tub.
Christopher also made a couple of new friends this month. He met Brandi's son Brandon and Melissa's daughter Sophie at our employee dinner. Sophie just stared at Christopher wondering who he was. It made us all giggle. Brandon and Christopher struck up a conversation, just babbling on to each other for ten to fifteen minutes. It was though they were fellow employees catching up since the last time they'd talked.

I had a PartyLite candle party last Sunday and Brandi brought her son to the party. He's only two weeks older than Christopher and when Brian and Brandi stood Christopher and Brandon next to each other and Christopher was probably 3-4 inches taller. It's funny how alike they are but completely different too.
Christopher also had his first taste of vegetables last week. He tried carrots - or what Gerber calls carrots. I find it hard to believe that any baby would like this orange mushy mess. At first bite he just looked at us like he didn't know what hit him. After the tenth or so bite he started squishing he whole face and puckering his lips. He got about half way through the jar before he gave up. He'd had enough. I think he made it farther than I would have.
I think carrots aren't going to be his favorite veggie. But I won't count them out yet, we've got more to try. And who knows, the rest could be worse.

We're looking forward to what the next month will bring. He's trying his hardest to crawl already. He can get his butt in the air, but not at the same time he's got his head up. I'm thinking it will be soon though. If all goes right, we'll be looking forward to another trip to Dodi and PopPop's farm in Kentucky for Thanksgiving.
Hopefully by then our little lion will be sleeping through the night. Maybe once he's more mobile, he'll use more energy and need more sleep. The solid foods certainly aren't working. We'll just have to wait and see what does. Wish us luck! Until 7 months...

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