Saturday, November 29, 2008


So it’s been almost a month and a half since my last rambling and I’m sure I’ve got lots to talk about. For starters Christopher is clearly on his way to crawling. I would say in the next week he’ll have it figured out, but two weeks tops. He’s been able to get up on all fours and rock himself back and forth. But he can’t figure out how to bring his knee forward so that he can move. He’ll just rock for a minute before falling back to the floor. He does pretty well moving like an inch worm. Either that or he’ll scoot on his chest by pushing his feet on the carpet. Although he is able to move a few inches backward and forward or turn in a circle like a lazy-susan, I don’t think any of this constitutes as crawling. We’ll just say he’s scooting for now. But he’s almost there and you can tell he really – really wants to crawl. Especially if there is a toy or cat just outside his reach. He’ll usually grunt and stretch out his arm as far as it will go only to either push the toy further away or annoy the cat to the point it where it decides to leave. Rosa does pretty well with Christopher. She tolerates his squeals and giggles. She’s even taken to playing with his feet. Christopher thinks it is just fabulous when she lays down in front of him and rolls onto her back. He just sits there and giggles at her. Meghan on the other hand will have nothing to do with him. The second he makes a noise or even eye contact, she leaves the room. I think the one occasion that he got a hold of her and yanked out a handful of fur has scarred her (emotionally) for life. But once Christopher is off to bed, she comes out from hiding and is the lovable cat we know.

The dogs have done extremely well with Christopher as well. Dude just acts as though there isn’t a child in the house. He just goes along his daily routine as usual. Dude has to get his tail amputated this coming Friday and will most likely be house ridden for a few weeks. We’ll see if his attitude changed with there’s a seven month old who just learned to crawl and is chasing after him. Susie on the other hand just loves Christopher. It’s like another friend for her. We are constantly trying to keep her from licking his hands and cheeks. Any time he is remotely close to the floor, she finds it necessary to check him out and make sure he’s still sweet. The only thing we’ve noticed is that she doesn’t like when he is in his Jumperoo. Christopher loves his Jumperoo, he could stay in there for an hour if you let him. But Susie finds this contraption very strange and annoying. It does make quite a bit of noise as Christopher jumps up and down. Plus it has a few features that make a lot of ruckus when he plays with them. Susie just walks in circles around it as he’s playing, taking one step step forward, sniffing, and then taking a step back. It’s quite an amusement to watch, she just not sure what to make of it.

He has also taken to calling Susie a "bah". But then again he's calling everything a "bah" or "gah". I am apparently a "bah" and Brian is a "gah". It's pretty funny, but also confusing. I think he's just now realizing that items have names. Although he might not know what the exact names are, he knows they have one. Otherwise, Christopher had a couple of visitors the last month and a half. His uncle Decker came to visit in October and Christopher thought it would be pleasant if he was sick the entire time. We don’t know exactly what was bugging him that weekend, but he just wanted to fuss for 48 hours. It’s possible it was due to teething, but we have yet to see any pop up. So we just spent the weekend in the house eating birthday cake (Decker turned 29) and watching movies. PopPop, Christopher’s grandpa, came up a couple of weeks later. He seemed to be in much better mood for our second round of company. He just giggled every time his poppop looked his way. My dad (PopPop) got a kick out of Christopher in his Jumperoo. Plus he had a good time just sitting him on his lap and making funny faces. Although my dad is not one to assist with the poopy diaper changes, he did get to feed Christopher once or twice. The three of us went to breakfast at First Watch in Clayton on Saturday while Brian was at work. It was Christopher's first experience at a restaurant. I think he did pretty well. He sat in his highchair (with the boppy cover to protect from those icky germs of course) and just played with the jelly packets. Luckily they didn't break open.

While PopPop was in town Christopher got the shipment of new diapers I ordered. Our favorite cloth diapers (see the May 29th blog for details) by BumGenius arrived. I had order six new diapers mainly for the fact that we always seemed to cut it close when it came time to wash them. Some how we'd start washing the diapers when there was only one or two left and we'd just pray that Christopher didn't need more before they finished in the dryer.
The other reason, and maybe a bigger one, was that they got new colors in. A much darker blue and green compared to what we've had. There were also orange and bright pink colors available, but I opted out. So please check out the Calvin Klein pose of Christopher below as he struts his new diapers around the crib.

And since we're on the topic of poses, I just thought I'd thank everyone who sent emails and comments about Christopher's Halloween picture. We had an absolute blast taking them and were really happy with how they turned out. I have copies if anyone wants me to put them with the holiday cards going out next week. (Don't worry, I still have you on my list if you've already asked for one.) He also had a few pictures taken while in costume when he was at Ms. Ashley's. They had a little party that Friday and to my understanding they all had a wonderful time. Christopher even came home with a gift from Ms. Ashley and Alexis.

We've also taken family pictures recently and hope to have them available for viewing soon. We are continuing use with "Kid in Me Photography". We were thrilled with the results of our maternity photos and couldn't wait to meet William Good again for our family shoot. We went to Faust Park in Chesterfield. Even though it was a bit chilly, the sun was out and I know he got some great pictures. There will be some individual shots of Christopher as well.
So other than that, we just finished Thanksgiving at my parent's farm in Kentucky. Please be sure to check out the "Thanksgiving at the Farm" pictures below. Unfortunately, there aren't pictures of PopPop. He wasn't feeling too well this weekend and didn't want to hold Christopher and get him sick.
We had a great time even though we showed up a day late. We had planned on traveling on Wednesday, but Christopher was crabby and had a fever Tuesday night. And since we didn't want to make the trip with a fussy baby we went Thursday instead. But the trip was a lot of fun and I'm happy we could make it at all. Christopher was able to visit with lots of family; including Uncle Decker, Dodi (Granma), PopPop (Granpa), Great-Granpa Deck, Mimi (Great-Granma Pat), Tia (Great-Aunt Jan), and Great-Gramma Marian. Not to mention the 60 some dogs, 20 some cats, 4 horses, and three cows that he got to spend time with. He was in a wonderful mood the whole time and gave smiles and giggles to anyone who asked for them. He was also nice enough to stay up 3 hours past his bed time on Thursday and 2 hours past on Friday. His Mommy and Daddy are very happy with him for that. I have a feeling we'll be passing out around 7 p.m. tonight. Hopefully Christopher will too.

Well, I just finished my leftover turkey sandwich and feel a nap coming on. Be sure to check back in the next week for an update on the family pictures and a link as to where you can view them. For those fellow bloggers out there, feel free to add yourself as a "follower" on the right column of this page. It will send you automatic updates as to when I've posted something new.
Well, we look forward to seeing and talking to everyone before the holidays. I'm sure it will be after the 25th before the next blog, and I'm also sure Brian and I will have our hands full chasing a crawling baby around the house by then.
As the Aussie's say, "See ya"!

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