Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well this month went by in a blur. (Please see the post below for Christmas pictures) We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday card this year - see above. Many people have given Brian a hard time about the 2000 pictures he's taken in 2008, so I thought instead of choosing one for the front of the card, well - I'd use all of them. It was a lot of fun making this year's card (other than the bruises on my thumbs from punching out the letters) and I'm not sure how I'll top it next year. But you know me, I'll find a way.

Many things happened this month and many things didn't happen. As far as the "didn't happen" category, well, Christopher has yet to start crawling. Sort of. And by sort of, I mean he crawls backwards. Truly, he does. He'll get up on all fours, rock back and forth for a minute before he begins to move backwards. It's quite a sight to see. He usually takes a few paces back before he'll sit up. The only way he moves forward is by inching on his stomach and pushing with his toes. He really gets far but does some damage along the way. He either gets stuck with a toy under his chest or moves items to help propel himself. He also received rug burn on his big toe from pushing on the carpet. Poor little guy.
But he's right there, and it will be any day now before he starts crawling. He is sitting up on his own. It's almost a contortionist's routine. He twists and turns his entire body to sit up. I really think there's an easier way - but what ever gets the job done, right? He can also pull up fairly well. If he's lucky, and usually when he uses Mommy or Daddy to pull up on, he can get up on his two feet. But mostly he pulls himself up to his knees. This is also a concentrated effort and because of the amount of energy it takes it only happens once or twice a day.

Christopher has been doing well falling asleep and sleeping on his own. We've had a couple of hiccups due to leaky diapers, and a rough time while on vacation with new surroundings. But other than that he has been sleeping though the night for a solid month now. And I know Brian is grateful, because he had the "after midnight" feedings. Although for a while now Brian has been doing the "before midnight" feedings as well. After the ruptured disc in my back, I have been getting horrible pains from sitting in the rocking chair in Christopher's room. So from me to you Brian, I say thank you. This entire year you have been the best father and husband any woman could ask for. I certainly wouldn't have my sanity or been able to get this far without you. I love you.

Brian has a wonderful connection with Christopher that I wish you all could see. Christopher has finally been able to express that he knows his Mommy and Daddy. It melts your heart when he sees you walk through a door and he lights a smile brighter than any other time of the day. The past few months we've really seen how Christopher works differently with both Brian and I. Mommy is more of the nurturer to Christopher. When he's sick, or he's sleepy, he really wants his mom. But when it's time to play, laugh, and goof around well there's no one better than his dad.
He also seems to be noticing that there are people he doesn't know. It took him a couple of days to get use to my mom watching him this month. Before, she was just another wonderful lady who brought him toys and made him laugh. Now he realizes that she is not Mommy and he needs some time to make sure she's okay. He's fine if you put him in someone elses arms and leave the room. But when you come back into the room and he sees you - well it's over. He's wants Mommy or Daddy to pick him up immediately. The real question is - do you give in or not? Do you pick him up like he wants or do you leave him be... whining and whining. Usually we give in. But I'm sure we're going to need to work on those skills in the next month.

So Christopher went to Kentucky for Christmas this year. We had a blast. Although it was a tight squeeze with two dogs and a baby in the car. We rented an SUV for the trip hoping it would make things easier. But with and the things we took down, and all the things we brought back, it wasn't much easier. In fact, our car was so full on the way back to St. Louis, that we had to leave a few Christmas presents behind.
We had a great time while on vacation. Christopher saw his Aunt Bethie for only the second time in his life. And he met his Uncle Joe for the first time. My sister Beth and her husband Joe live in DC so we don't get to see them as often as we'd like. But we made up for lost time. Joe and Christopher had an instant connection. Christopher laughed at any funny face his Uncle Joe made. We also had a great time visiting with other family - Uncle Decker, Dodi and PopPop, Tia, Great Granma Marian, Great Granpa Deck and Mimi. Not to mention all the dogs in the house. Christopher is so fascinated by all the small dogs. The ones that can barely lick his toes when he sits on some one's lap. He just finds it funny to watch them dance below him. Christopher received some great gifts this year including a book with the complete collection of Curious George stories that Uncle Decker gave him. He also got some great toys from Dodi and PopPop. Tia gave him many things including some soft books. Aunt Beth and Uncle Joe gave him a cookie and mug set to put out for Santa next year. Mimi and Great Granpa Deck found a wonderful coin bank for him too. Also, Great Granma Marian gave us a little something special to put in Christopher's savings. His Great-Uncle John and Aunt Chris got Christopher a toy train and ornament to put on the tree.
Not to mention so many other wonderful things Christopher was given for Christmas. Although, Christmas was a success, Christopher was sick the entire time. He had a cold (without a fever thank goodness) during the trip. He had a bad barking cough that he has also carried home with him. It made sleeping difficult, but other than that, he didn't let it bother him. Although, he was kind enough to pass it on to everyone in the family, including Mommy and Daddy.
So we made it home yesterday after a long drive and bad weather. We are looking forward to taking it easy for the next couple of weeks. Our friend Mike (below) came to visit last night with presents for Christopher and my brother may stop by this weekend, but other than that we have nothing planned. Nothing but watching Christopher grow.

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