Sunday, January 4, 2009


We apologize Mr. Dryer. We have been blaming you for the past 8 months. We have thought that it was you eating all of Christopher's socks. Day after day, wash after wash, Christopher's socks would go missing one by one. I would purchase new socks at least once a month. And all this time I thought it was because of you.

Well today, Mr. Dryer, I have learned the true culprit. It was Mr. Oven. It was a measly twenty minutes ago, that just by chance, I dropped a screw and watched it roll under the oven. As I lay on the linoleum looking under the oven I noticed the strangest thing. Socks. Lots of them.

Unable to reach them, I used my knowledge from watching MacGyver so many years ago and constructed a sock retrieving tool out of a clothes hanger and spatula. Not only was I able to retrieve one sock, but 17 socks.

I could not believe my eyes. 17 of Christopher's socks were under Mr. Oven. I continued to lay on my stomach I looked opposite of Mr. Oven to Mr. Refrigerator. Sure enough, there were 4 more socks.

Now, in all my years of experience with sock investigation I don't believe I can solely put the blame on Mr. Oven and Mr. Refrigerator. I do believe our cat Rosa may have been an accomplice. Once I have hard evidence, rest assure, all parties will be prosecuted.

Again, we of the Daniels' household sincerely apologize for ever believing you were the sock thief.

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