Saturday, January 17, 2009


1. Teething.
2. The nose bulb.
3. Bananas freshly peeled.
4. Whacking his head on the floor.
5. The RSV test.
6. A nebulizer.
7. Tissues (depending on their usage).
8. Food grinders.
Well, teething is an obvious one. But... he has two teeth! And they are the cutest two teeth you've ever seen. Christopher's bottom two teeth have finally broken through his gums. Of course he hasn't been very happy about it. And who would be happy about two sharp objects pushing through a very hard surface inside the one place that is the the most sensitive? Thank goodness teething happens at a time in our life that we won't remember. Christopher has now taken to chewing on more items. For a while he didn't - wouldn't - chew on anything. Just suck on his thumb now and then, but that was about it. Now he's found that he can chew on just about anything. It doesn't matter if it's made out of plastic, fur, or wood. He's even tasted the remote. The latter is probably not a good thing.
As far as the nose bulb goes, well... that kinda goes with #5 and #7 as well. So Christopher has been pretty sick this week. He started out with a runny nose and a cough on Tuesday, and then by Wednesday he was running a fever. By Wednesday night he wasn't sleeping by Friday he had a bad case of the poop monster. Now, this is my first child, and I don't know everything, but I'm pretty sure things are suppose to get better after four days, not worse.
All week we had been using the nose bulb on him to help with snot control but that didn't compare to what the doctor did to him. We took Christopher to the doctor Friday afternoon, and after all the poking, prodding, and questions the doctor decided to give Christopher an RSV test. RSV (see link: is mostly compared to a really bad cold but in some cases can turn into pneumonia if not treated. It usually carries a runny nose, coughing and congestion in the lungs.
So to perform the test, (those of you faint at heart, please scroll down) the doctor takes a cotton swab attached to a long wire that is curled into a circle and swabs the inside of the nose. I'm pretty sure the swab went two to three inches into Christopher's nose. Holy cow did the boy scream. It wasn't so bad until the doctor hit the part I suppose the swab was suppose to hit. After the test Christopher followed the doctor around the room with his eyes. He had the most disgusted, angry look on his face and was not going to let that man out of his sight.
We got the results back this morning. Positive for RSV. Yea. Christopher was also diagnosed with double ear infections. So anyway, after the RSV test, the doctor decided to try Albuterol with a nebulizer to see if would help his breathing. This again, was not fun.
But it helped. It cleared up his airways (for a small amount of time) and we were sent home with one. So, every four hours Christopher gets to inhale albuterol through a "children's" mask. I quote "children's" because it's what they put on the machine, but really it just has a mask in the shape of a fish head. And I think Christopher could care less - he still doesn't like the darn thing. But it's been working and Christopher has been sleeping better since we started using it.
Of course we didn't start using it home until this morning. Why? do you ask, well let me tell you about my fun trip to Walgreen's pharmacy!! After we left the doctor's office, where they had called in Christopher's prescriptions, we headed to the Walgreens not a stone's throw away from our house. When I get to the counter after waiting in line for 15 minutes I ask for "Christopher Daniels". The acne-ridden, college punk with a lab coat that he thinks makes him look smarter - tells me that they don't have a prescription for "Christopher Daniels". After 5 minutes of bickering the punk asks me, what's his birthday again? I told him for the 12th time "4-22-08". The punk, who's name tag says Josh, then says "Well I have a prescription here for the same items, for a kid with the same birthday. But the label says it's for Caleb Daniels." This is where it gets good. The punk, Josh, then proceeds to ask "Are you sure its not Caleb Daniels you are looking for?" Well hmm. Let me think Josh. Is my son's name Caleb, or Christopher. I don't know. I may need to phone a friend on this one. "NOOO!!!" My sons name is Christopher!!!!! You freaking dumb-ass!!!!
I apologize. I normally refrain from such profanities in this blog, but really? Who asks that question? "Are you sure that your sons name isn't Caleb?" Really!!!!
What's worse is that even though I told him no, my son's name is Christopher - he asked me the same question two more times in the next 17 minutes.
Finally after talking with the doctor and having him resend the prescription, I got Caleb's medicine- I'm sorry, I mean - Christopher's medicine and went home.
So that's been our week. But of course there's been a whole month since I've rambled last. As far as bananas go - he loves them if they are made by Gerber. He just didn't like the one Mommy was having with breakfast. He was looking at me strange one day when I was eating my banana, so I thought I'd let him taste it. We it gave him the shivers and a gag reflex for the following twenty minutes. You have to check out the video below if you haven't already. It was taken the following day, but it was just as funny.
Christopher has pretty much liked any food that Gerber has to offer for his age. He could do without the peas, but he still eats them. I've been trying to introduce the same foods, but made by yours truly. So far it hasn't gone well. I was hoping that if I start pureeing a few of his foods that it would be an easier transition down the road. That I would be able to make them chunkier, and chunkier until he is eating solids. Two problems though. One - he hates (and by hates I mean he throws it all up) everything I've made thus far, and two - he screams bloody murder any time I turn on the food grinder. I'm not sure what it is about that sound that he doesn't like, but he makes it known. Hopefully, it will get better with time. Don't worry, I'll let you know.
So, that pretty much leaves us with "whacking his head on the floor". Of course you're thinking to yourself - what child would like whacking his head on the floor? But the whole whacking thing could be prevented if the child would just have a little better balance built into his genes. Poor Christopher. It's not his fault that his parent's are the two most clumsy, uncoordinated, and balance-lacking people on the face of the planet.
You see, when Brian and I met, we thought we were perfect for each other. No, it was more than that, we thought we were made for each other. We were the most accident-prone persons either of us had ever met. We just knew there wasn't a better match out there. What we didn't think about was that combining both our forces of balance it to one tiny human being would be a disaster waiting to happen.
Poor, poor Christopher. He has no idea yet. He just knows that any time he tries to crawl or stand up, he is going to trip on something that will send him smashing to the floor. And in fact it's even worse than that. He can just be standing there - touching nothing but what his little hands are holding on to and he will fall straight backwards onto his head. This of course leads to five minutes of crying and consoling before he will climb up and start the whole process over again.
I guess I failed to mention that Christopher is standing now. He's learned to pull up on items and hang on for dear life (white finger tips and all). He hasn't moved while holding on to any railings or fingertips. Just standing. Of course I'd like him to master the "just standing" part before he starts to move around on his toes. Who knows what kind of catastrophes that could bring.
That's about it for this month. Christopher's "well-baby" checkup was pushed out due to his runny-nose, sore throat, coughing, chest congestion, fevery illness. But at the appointment he did weigh in at 25lbs. 6oz. for those of you who are keeping tabs.
We look forward to telling you about Christopher's upcoming surgery. Don't worry- I'll won't tell you all of the details. But he will be getting a second circumcision in March. His first one didn't work to well apparently. I know what you are thinking - "ouch".
I know you're looking forward to that story!!! So keep coming back, we'll post more pictures and videos later this month. Toodles.

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