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My this month has flown by. I know I was late posting the 10 month blog, but really it seems like it was yesterday. And yet, here I am writing the 11th month. Before you know it, I'll be posting birthday party pictures. I know! Can you believe it? Our little man is turning 1 year old a month from today. And of course I have it all figured out. Close family and friends will be receiving invites in the week or two. I'm so excited. We are throwing a cupcake themed birthday party. Yes, you heard it right. It's going to be a blast. I've got a giant cupcake baking tin for Christopher's cake and I'm making regular cupcakes so everyone can decorate their own to take home. We've got decorations, and a front yard sign - don't worry, I stopped short - I did not get (and it took a lot of restraint) the "Pin the Candle on the Cupcake Game". See, this is why you have kids. Just about the time you stop having your own birthday party, you begin throwing them for your kids. The fun never ends!

Dodi will be coming up the week before the party to help us get ready (there is still the kitchen floor to finish). We're so excited she'll be here for the party. Nana and GranBob couldn't make it for the party due to scheduling conflicts but will be up the weekend before to take Christopher to the Easter Egg Hunt at Old Warson's Country Club. Looks like Brian will miss the Master's Tournament again this year!!! Sorry babe. PopPop won't be able to make it for the party either, but we're looking to see him soon after. Brian said it's okay that PopPop can't come, as long as he's here to buy Christopher his first car when he turns 16. Uncle Decker is also checking his schedule to see if he'll be here. It's a little to far for Aunt Bethie and Uncle Joe to make it, but we're hoping to make a trip to my old stomping grounds on the East Coast before the year is over. Of course Uncle Super Chicken will be here (you better be here Stephen, you're the only uncle that lives in St. Louis). And lastly, we're still waiting to hear word on Uncle Philip. We're also hoping to see other family and friends as well.

Dodi and I went to Toys R Us last weekend to get the presents before time ran out. And lets just say I went over my budget by just a smidge. Okay, okay, that smidge may be more like a giant leap. But really, Christopher will only have one first birthday - right? Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself too. We found some great gifts for him though including a giant stuffed elephant and a Fisher Price farm set. I also couldn't pass up the little workshop toys either. And yes, there's more - but I won't tell you everything.
Anywho- that's enough about the birthday. You'll get all the details on the next posting. There's no point in going through it all now.

We've had some big steps this month. Christopher of course had his surgery a couple of weeks ago. Everything went really well. We were up by 4:45 a.m. (Brian a little earlier than me, as always) and we were at the hospital by 6 a.m. There was a lot of paperwork, sitting around, and chit-chatting before the actual surgery. We had a lot of time to walk Christopher around the surgery floor before it was show time. In fact, they didn't come to get him until around 7:45 a.m. and by that time Christopher had fallen asleep in Daddy's arms. The surgery took no more than forty-five minutes. They let us go back to the recovery room one at a time. I went back for the first ten minutes. We I came around to his bed, the nurse was rocking him in the chair and he looked perfectly fine - other than the IV sticking out of his hand. As soon as she passed him to me, he started crying. The nurse said it was probably due to coming out of the anesthesia -he shouldn't be in any pain. Another nurse gave him a dose of morphine a few minutes later and in about thirty seconds I could see a red rash developing all over his skin. From his arms, down his legs, to his back and neck. The nurse called the anesthesiologist and he decided to give Christopher Benedryl. It took a few minutes for it to work, but by the time Brian showed up it was starting to disappear. Our nurse said it was just a small reaction and we should just let any doctor know next time he needs morphine. I'm really hoping that will be a while a way. After the recovery room, Christopher came back to his hospital room and we waited for about an hour and a half before we came home.

Home was worse. Much worse than the hospital. Christopher cried non-stop. He would cry for a half hour, sleep for twenty minutes and then start crying again. It was horrible. I felt horrible. I just had guilt completely consume me the whole day. I felt like it was all my fault. I was the one who asked for it to be done, and therefore it was all my fault that he was so miserable. Christopher tried to play a couple of times throughout the day but would squeal every time he went to move and then would start crying all over again. Around 4 p.m. Brian and my mom went and took naps. Really, it had been a long day - and if the night was going to be anything like the day, then we all needed to get sleep when we could. For about a half hour Christopher just laid in my lap, starring at my face while I talked to him about different things. I told him what I did at work that week. I told him how much he is loved by everyone that knows him. And I told him the reasons why he had to eat his vegetables no matter how much he disliked them. It seemed that if I kept talking he would stay calm. After a half hour of whispers he fell asleep. For twenty minutes. Then he woke up screaming his bloody head off. Mom and Brian came out of hibernation and we were back to the sleeping-screaming schedule.

About 7 p.m. rolled around and I finally decided to get a little sleep myself. I curled up in my bed trying to sleep by found I couldn't. I just listened to Christopher cry in the other room. About 45 minutes went by and I heard Brian and my mom going up the stairs with Christopher. Then five minutes later I heard laughing. Yes, laughing. And then I heard Christopher laughing. I had to find out what was going on. When I go upstairs I see Christopher crawling full speed around his bedroom floor, laughing and giggling the whole way. What the heck is going on?
"He pooped," Brian said. Excuse me? "He pooped." Are you serious? That's been the problem? Constipation? Are you kidding me? All this time I thought his pee-pee was in horrific pain, but all he needed to do was have a bowel movement. I guess the anesthesia cause back up in the intestines and he just needed to get it out. Because after that, he was a different baby. He didn't cry again for days. He was back to normal like nothing had ever happened. In fact, we didn't even give him any more of his Tylenol Codeine prescription after the first day.

IN FACT, the day after his surgery, March 14th, he took his first four steps all on his own. Dodi, Brian and I were all in the living room and Christopher decided to walk from Dodi to Daddy instead of crawling. It was pretty amazing to watch. We all applauded his feat and then he sat down and started clapping with us.
Christopher has now taken to clapping anytime anyone else does. He usually gives a big grin and claps away. These days he sees contestants on Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune clapping and he follows suit. It's so funny to watch someone get the Daily Double right and then see Christopher clapping with them. It's hilarious actually.

I'm sure he'll be off walking soon. He can stand very well on his own and he always tries to take those couple of steps before falling to the ground and crawling to where ever he wants to go. He's also finally learned to put food in his mouth. I've never met a baby that doesn't put anything in their mouth. Christopher has one toy that he'll occasionally chew on, but other than that he doesn't put anything in his mouth. He just recently, with the help of everyone including Ms. Ashley, learned how to put Puffs in his mouth. He now wants to do it all the time but only if you hand him the puff... He won't pick it up on his own. We're still working on that part.

I just asked Brian if there was anything else he wanted to mention and he said just to tell everyone that Christopher is the cutest baby boy ever. But then again, you already know that. So that about sums it up for this month. We'll be back soon with new videos and birthday party pictures. Until then...

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