Saturday, April 25, 2009


We made it. It's officially been a year. Woo Hoo!!! Can you believe the year has gone by so fast? I surely can't and I know Brian can't either. It's been the hardest, most eventful, and most wonderful year of my life. Again, I think I can say the same for Brian. And to top it all off, Christopher is officially walking. In fact, he's been walking for about a month now. The little man won't stop. I think Christopher has actually gone all the way to a slow jog. He rounds corners, moves up stairs and can climb onto short surfaces. Nothing has stopped him. Except for socks. Socks are his downfall. We haven't been using shoes on Christopher yet because we want him to learn balance before putting him in big clunky shoes. Feet are designed to balance your body and the last thing he needs are shoes getting in the way of walking. So for now he's been shoeless. And well frankly, sock-less too. The socks tend to make him slip on the linoleum and hardwood just enough to send him backwards and WHACK he hits his head on the floor. Shoes are good for one thing right now. Traction. Problem solved, we'll take off the socks. I didn't think he'd do well at first without socks. When he was much younger he hated not having socks on. If his feet or legs were cold in anyway he would be miserable. And he'd let you know it. But now he seems to be doing fine. And the bare skin on the floor allows him the traction he needs to get around without falling.
He's also picked up several new words in his vocabulary this month. He definitely knows "uh oh". Which is pretty funny because he says it any time he drops something. He drops a toy, "uh oh". He throws a toy, "uh oh". He sits on a toy, "uh oh". Everything is "uh oh". He's also learned "apple" and "ba ba". Brian seems to think he's learned the word "potpie", but I believe this may have been by chance. Christopher has also taken to talking on the telephone. Or what he thinks is a telephone. EVERYTHING is a telephone. I'm not sure how he learned it. I put his toy phone up to his hear only a couple of times and he must have picked it up from there. He took my slipper the other day, put it to his hear and began talking. I quickly washed his hands. Of course a slipper is a phone to him, but give him my cell phone and he thinks it is a toy to bang on the floor with. He's also working on moving to milk instead of formula. This is a painful process because he refuses to drink from the sippy cup but instead use it as a chewing toy. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it eventually. Of course we've completely eliminated the bottle before bed and pacifiers all together. So this might help. Of course we're bringing in a lot more solid foods these days since we're moving away from the formula. I've been trying to talk to all the mom's I know getting their best advice on what to feed him. And you know me, I've got it all organized. Christopher's new menu should allow him to get all of the proper vitamins he needs while still making it a little fun. Of course I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, and if Christopher loses ten pounds in the next two months, everyone will know why. But speaking of his weight, Christopher had his one-year-checkup yesterday. He weighed in at 27 lbs, 6.5 oz. and was 32 inches long. He dropped slightly from the 97th to 95th percentile for weight but stayed in the 99th percentile for his length. Looks like Christopher will be the tallest boy in his class. I've already spoken to him about how girls go for the taller guys and that he needs to watch out. He received two shots and is due for blood work soon. We had the option of giving him the Hep A shot yesterday, but I decided to hold off on it since I hadn't read up on the vaccine yet. He's also waiting until the 15th month to get his Measles and Mumps shot. I do know that Christopher now recognizes the nurse who gives him the shots. Boy o' boy does he give her the evil eye when she walks in the room. He certainly doesn't have nice words for her when she leaves the room either. Poor lady. I can't imagine having that job. It's the only job where every kid you meet hates you instantly. Ick. Again, poor lady. Well, onto cheerier things... Christopher had a wonderful birthday party last Sunday. We had about 25, 26, maybe 27 people at the house. You never remember how small your house is until you cram it full with people. Christopher had a great time, from what I can tell. Christopher actually had quite a few guests there around his age. Camren who just turned one a month ago was there. As well as Brayden, who turned one three weeks ago. Also, Sophie, 17 months, along with Jayden, Alexis and Stephanie were able to make it. It truly was a kid's party. I think all the adults stayed mostly quiet watching all of the kids play. We had a good time watching Christopher devour his cake. And by devour, I mean the entire 15 minutes it took him to take one bite. Of course Brian and I figured this would be a problem. The kid hates putting things in his mouth. But he did enough for us to take some cute pictures and that's all that matters, right? Everyone else decorated their own cupcakes to take home (and some adults had the kids doing their work for them... eh hmm... i.e. Chuck.) But of course I forced everyone to take at least one cupcake home. I stayed up until 1:30 a.m. Saturday night making those cupcakes, I was damn sure they would be decorated taken home. It would have been so bad except for the fact that I forgot to put eggs on my grocery list. And who knows how to make cake without eggs? Not me. So by the time Brian was able to run out and get eggs, it was 9 o'clock. Then as I went to make the cake batter, I realized I didn't have any oil. Great. Another grocery store run for Brian. By this time it was 10. I had 2 cakes and 40 cupcakes to make. I was not a happy momma. Actually, my momma was in town and had gone out that night to celebrate my Aunt Jan's retirement. When she returned at 12:30 a.m. she said "oh sweetie, you didn't have to wait up for me." I looked at her and said, "I wish that was the reason I was up so late." And then she saw the ginormous mess in the kitchen. Thank goodness my mom was there to help. The entire weekend went by much smoother. Plus everyone raved over her bacon-wrapped-chicken. The party all in all was great. Christopher received amazing gifts from his friends and family. If you haven't already received your thank-you card, look for it in the mail. Christopher also received a couple of gifts after the party, including one from Aunt Beth and Uncle Joe. It's a very cool bike that will move in stages with him for the next few years. He has to wait a couple of months before he can start using it, due to the pedals, but once he gets on there I know he will love it. For now he has a car Brian and I can push him around in that the Gamblian's gave him for his birthday.

Other than Christopher's birthday, the walking, and the food bit, the only real big news is that I will be staying home during the day with him now. I took a position that will allow me to work from home and take care of Christopher at the same time. My last day at TestAmerica was April 17th. I was a little nervous, and yes a little sad to be leaving the lab but I knew it was best for both Christopher and myself. To tell you the truth, I never saw myself as a stay-at-home (or work-from-home) mom but I am extremely excited, and I know Christopher (although he doesn't show it) is too. I can't wait to take him to the zoo, the park, and maybe even the river front. He'll still be going to Ms. Ashley's one day a week just so I can get some work done and so Christopher can socialize. I think it's going to be great for everyone, but mostly for Christopher. That's all the news for this month. Christopher is getting so big and changing so quickly. So are his friends. I've included some pictures below for you to see the progress everyone has made. I put their new age under their picture and the blog date where you can see their "before" picture. I'm still waiting for a few photographs from other friends, so check back soon and you may see more.

To all my fellow Mom's: Have a great Mother's Day! We'll meet here again next month.

Mya Farrelly - 9 months (see 8/27/08 blog)

Raegan Stites - 8 months (see 8/27/08 blog)
Sophie Kuessner - 17 months (see 8/27/08 blog)
Lisa Flower - 5 months (see 12/21/08 blog) Camren Gamblian - 13 months (see 08/27/08 blog)


  1. So cute! I'm still floored that he's ONE! I feel bad for the doctor that gives the shots too... Mya knows EXACTLY who she is as soon as she sees her. Then she tries to climb over top of me to get away. Its funny, but sad!

  2. wow sarah i cant believe he is one!! what a handsome man he is going to be when he is older =)