Thursday, May 28, 2009


This weekend was filled with lots o' family. Christopher's great-grandparents (Mimi and Granpa Deck) came in town from Kentucky with my mom (Dodi) to help surprise Christopher's great-aunt Tia also known as Aunt Jan for her retirement as principal from Valley Park Elementary School. Following me so far? Also, Aunt Robin (actually my cousin), Uncle Nick and Uncle Danny came by for dessert Monday night to see everyone. "Uncle Nick" and "Uncle Danny" are actually my (and Christopher's) cousins, but they are "uncle" to Christopher. They are also Robin's two sons. Hopefully I haven't confused you too much. If so, just ignore what I said above and enjoy the pictures below.

Mimi’s playin with me.

From L to R: Dodi, Uncle Nick, Great-Granpa Deck, me, Mimi, Mommy, Uncle Danny, and Aunt Robin
Uncle Nick is always goofin around!
From L to R: Mimi, Tia, Dodi, Great-Granpa Deck, Mommy, Daddy, and me!
On Dodi's lap during Tia's "Queen for a Day" assembly.
Enjoying some time with Tia at her school.
Great-Granpa Deck always lets me sit in his lap!

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