Friday, May 22, 2009


Boy oh boy, do we have a little flirt on our hands. Christopher has become the most bashful little boy. All a girl has to do is give him a smile and he turns bright red and starts blushing. Of course this only makes girls fall in love with him more. He has gotten to the shy stage where he runs to us and hides his face any time a new person shows up. But we're heeding my mother's advice and not telling people he's shy. We don't want him to become shy just because we say he is. So far so good. We usually just say "You're okay," and he'll turn around and start playing again. The "You're okay" also works when he's taken a face dive into the pavement. Most of the time anyway. He seems to be getting a lot more boo-boos now that he's mobile. He finds it necessary to run at top speed into the kitchen. This usually causes a massive wipe-out and a lot of crying. He's had a couple of bleeders this month too. Once he accidentally flipped his plastic wagon back onto his face and gave himself a bloody nose. Another time he tripped and fell onto the baby gate, causing him to bite his tongue. That was A LOT of blood. In fact I don't think my t-shirt (or his) will survive. The "You're okay," tactic didn't work for either of these instances. It didn't work for me either. I saw blood and basically freaked. I'm sure if he could actually construct sentences these days that both instances would have caused slurred speech for a while. Other than the two big accidents, the boy has proven to be remarkably agile. So to say. What I mean is - is that he can contort his body into positions I only wish I could do and yet he's completely stable. Then again, he could just be standing there, perfectly still, lose his balance and fall over. He has figured out how to get off the couch though. That's an interesting sight to see. It takes about five minutes from start to finish. Eventually he'll figure out how to get on the couch. And then we'll be in trouble.
Christopher is finally getting outside a lot more these days. Last summer he was a newbie, and we didn't want to take him out in the heat unless it was necessary. Then came winter and it was either too cold or too wet to go outside. But we've started to play outdoors more and more. Unfortunately, since he was kept inside for most of his first year, he was pretty scared of the outside world at first. He didn't want you to put him down at all. Any time a breeze blew through or a neighbor's dog barked he freaked. We eventually moved to standing in the grass but holding onto my legs for dear life. Then he stood solitary but not moving. After a couple of months Christopher finally started to walk around by himself. Although he wouldn't touch the grass. If he stumbled and his hands hit the grass he would start huffing and get himself up as quickly as possible. It was almost as though we had a little boy who didn't like to get dirty. Aww, isn't that cute, Brian and I bred another germ-a-phobe just like ourselves. Brian is just hoping Christopher will be over his grass phobia before he's too old to qualify for the PGA tour. Again, he quickly grew out of this stage. I cannot keep the child inside! He constantly wants to go outside. He whines and whines until you at least take him out on the front porch. In fact, if his shoes are any where in sight then he runs to get them and brings them back to you and whines until you put his shoes on and open the front door. Unfortunately he doesn't understand the reasoning of "it's raining," or "not now- Ellen's on TV". Just kidding. His favorite thing to do is go for walks. He likes his stroller or mini convertible. The nice thing about the stroller is that it's quiet. The kid car is not. But Christopher seems to like the car better and therefore we take the car.

Being outside has changed a lot of things. Including our dog Dude. Dude seems to like Christopher better outside. Susie has always liked Christopher, she lick his fingers or nudge him with her nose. But Dude has always been standoffish. That is until you put Christopher outside. Dude prances around him like they're playing ring-around-the-rosie. Dude will bring him his toys and show Christopher his favorite outside items. Christopher seems to like the dog food bowls the best. Again, this is a problem for the germaphobic parents. If you get a chance, you should check out my friend Lauren's blog. She has a great video of her daughter Mya and her dog Chloe. It's so sweet and is a great example of how dogs and kids were made for each other. Check it out here:

He's also found the TV. Not that he didn't know it was there before, but now he pays attention to it. He's constantly looking over his shoulder to see what's going on with the noise he's hearing. This has made me realize that we now need to be carefully what's on while he's awake and in the living room. Of course most of the day we listen to music but there are certain times when the Toddler's Tunes channel is just too much for me to handle. Christopher loves cartoons. Especially Veggie Tales on Saturdays. It's the one show that I actually have him sitting on the couch with me to watch. I feel bad that he's watching television so young, but hey- I turned out just fine - didn't I?The only other show he really likes is The King of Queens starring Kevin James. I don't know what it is about that show, but the kid is comatose when it comes on. Normally we'll Tivo the show and then turn it on right before his bedtime. Brian will sit and hold Christopher in his arms during the 20 minutes and then take him up to bed. By the time the end credits roll Christopher is half asleep anyway. The kid could be in a crying fit, kicking and screaming, or throwing toys but the second that opening music starts he stops, sits and stares at the television. It's magic. It's mommy's magic show that can give her the tiny bit of time she needs during the day to gain her sanity back. Thank you Kevin James, you are my hero.

Well, before I sign off from this blog, I just wanted to congratulate one of my best friends, Sarah Hurst and her husband Shane, on their big news. I just found out this morning that they will be welcoming a baby this December. I am so excited for them!!! I've had a grin on my face most of the day from thinking about it. I can't think of two people who would make better parents. Plus, whether they have a boy or girl, the kid is gonna be drop-dead-gorgeous. I'm also excited because Sarah is using the same doctor that delivered Christopher, Dr. Snowden. Dr. Snowden was a student of Brian's dad, Dr. Kovac (or as I know him, Bob). Brian's parents recommended him to me and I passed on the recommendation to Sarah. Dr. Snowden was wonderful during the whole process and has a great sense of humor. Again, I couldn't be happier for Sarah and Shane. Congratulations to both of you!!!!!

I've also received news that my old college roommate Christen Sistare and her husband Dave will be welcoming a Halloween baby. Again, I'm so excited!!! Christen and Dave are going to make wonderful parents, and I can only imagine that the amount of laughter and smiles will double in their house once their little tot arrives. I don't know a funnier couple and I have a feeling this child will carry the humor genes. Congrats Gilby and Dave! That's it for month number thirteen. We've got another road trip to look forward to next month. Christopher and I will be headed to Kentucky while Daddy stays home and does some home renovations. We also have plans for family to be in town soon and we can't wait. Of course I'll post pictures of all the events, you don't have to worry. Love you all and lots of love to Baby Hurst and Baby Sistare.

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  1. Awe! I love the blog shout out!! Thank you that was so sweet of you! I don't think I can tell Dave you called him will go to his head! Haha!!
    Little Christopher is just so adorable! I love reading his updates every month!