Monday, June 22, 2009


Christopher seems to be changing every day. Every day he grows every so slightly. Growth physically and mentally. Every day you can see the smallest changes.

And yet, I have nothing to talk about.
That's not true. I always have something to talk about. But really, I've been sitting on the couch with my computer in my lap for the past three nights and I find myself staring at a blank screen. So much happened this month but at the same time nothing happened this month. Maybe number 13 really is unlucky. Or uneventful in this case.
Of course my brother Decker came to visit this month, and that was a pretty big event. Of course I already posted a little something below, but I suppose there are some bigger details I left out. Decker was here the 2 weekend in June and it had been six months since he saw Christopher last. When they saw each other at Christmas Christopher was only 8 months old. He wasn't walking, he was hardly talking and he had a killer cold. So I guess you could say Decker got to see a whole different kid this time. Not only did Decker see Christopher walking, but he saw him running as well. The kid has some speed these days. He runs every where. He can't seem to get to things fast enough. Some times Christopher will be running so fast that when he turns around to go the opposite direction he doesn't turn fast enough and he'll run straight into a wall. I mean a head-on-collision at top speed. Heck, he'll even run straight into a wall for no apparent reason. I mean you know he sees the wall, it's five feet in front of him. I guess he thinks the wall will move? I've seen him go so fast at a wall that he bounces back two feet on to his bum after the collision. Did you ever watch the show "Mad About You" with Helen Hunt? They had a dog on that show that would chase imaginary mice and would run into a wall without thinking. That's Christopher. I don't know if he sees imaginary Graham Crackers or what. I'm tellin ya, the kid is gonna change the shape of his face one of these days. Anyway, the other nice thing about Decker being up here was that it gave us reason to get out of the house. We stay so cooped up these days. Since Decker was in town and Brian's birthday was previously in the week we decided to go to dinner Saturday night. We stayed indoors must of the hot afternoon so I was itching to go when Brian got home from work. Decker was great entertainment for Christopher during most of the car ride. We had dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse and dessert at Ted Drewes. I think both were a unique experience for Christopher. And I'm pretty sure Decker enjoyed the frozen custard at the end of the night. Before we knew it, Sunday afternoon arrived and Decker headed back home. Christopher was pretty upset when he woke up from his nap and found that his uncle was no longer on the couch. Christopher goes through a lot of emotion these days. When he was itty bitty he just stared at us and made the occasional "poop" face. Now he's so dramatic about everything. (He takes after his mom). He's ecstatic when he's happy and he's down-right angry when things don't go his way. He's also very serious at times making sure you understand his point in something. Of course I can never understand his point, because I can't figure out what the heck he is saying. And if you say "What?" to him... He just looks at you with an expression of bewilderment and then he'll repeat the exact words he just babbled out a few moments before. Once you reply with an "Okay" he'll trot off and play with his toys. He plays pretty much independently these days. In fact if I sit down on the floor and try to play with him he'll usually get up and walk to another spot to play by himself. The one thing he does want you to do is read to him. He LOVES books. Loves them. I've never seen a one-year-old love books as much as Christopher does. He walk over to you with a book, sit down next to you and stare at the book until you open it and start reading it. If you don't start reading quickly enough, he will say something to you with such sternness and then open the book for you. He loves his books so much that he tries to play with toys and read a book at the same time. Please see the picture below. Christopher is also doing really well with the stairs. He's had the climbing up the stairs figured out for a few months now but he's starting to figure out how to slide down on his bum. Mostly he just thinks it is funny. You really have to keep your eye on him, he knows when the baby gate is shut but not locked. If you forget to lock the gate and turn your back for one minute, he's half way up the stairs. It's kind of like the dishwasher. If you leave the dishwasher open for just one minute he will have 2/3's of the dirty dishes out of the washer and on to the kitchen floor. I actually found three of his dirty baby bowls in the utensils drawer. I know for a fact that I hadn't left the kitchen with the dishwasher open in weeks. How he was able to get three of his bowls and put them into a kitchen drawer when I only had my back turned to the sink while loading the dishwasher is beyond me. Christopher luuuvs to close the dishwasher for you. And the refrigerator and the pantry door and the medicine cabinet and the bedroom door and the toy box. He loves to close everything. All though, I guess we "trained" him this way. He use to throw such fit when we had to pull him away from the refrigerator or dishwasher when we needed to close it. He would scream bloody murder. You would think he ran into a wall. Then we figured out that if you asked him to close the door for you - he would back up a couple steps and shut the door. Problem solved. Except now if you close the door instead of letting him, he freaks. The one that's driving me crazy though is the toilet seat. For all of you mothers out there, you know that you will never again use the restroom alone. Even if I shut the door on him, he just stands on the other side banging his fist on the door screaming "Ma Maaaa!" Oh what fun. No privacy ever, ever again. Normally I'll open the door when I go to wash my hands. But if I forget to lower that toilet seat... BAM! Christopher closes it for me. I usually already have a headache from something he's done earlier in the day so the toilet seat either reinforces the headache or makes it worse. My headaches usually subside after 4 Advil and when Brian magically walks in the door at 5:30. It truly is magically. The sun is behind him and I feel all of the weight lifted off my shoulders. If I need a little extra help with the pounding, I'll head outside and read my book for 15 minutes. At least I have the reinsurance that my head will be swelling again the following day and I know the Advil will be right where I left it. It much more different when Brian is home. Or I guess when Brian and I are home together. Christopher is so funny and so cute when Brian is home. He has us laughing our butts off on Sundays and Mondays. Most of the time we are laughing because he is laughing. He's usually laughing at himself. He does something, or says something to himself that just makes him giggle. He doesn't look at us, he just walks by laughing with his chin tucked to his chest. Christopher also had a wonderful time when my friend Sarah Hurst came over and babysat for us. Brian and I had an all day yard sale a few Saturday's ago and Sarah was kind enough to watch Christopher for us. Christopher had a blast playing with her for eight full hours. Of course we think it was great training for her. Sarah is due in December and watching her with Christopher, I can tell she's going to make a great mom. Not that we didn't already think that. Lily fell in love with her too... And with that, I'm off. I hope I came up with enough things to keep you interested this month. Christopher and I are headed to Kentucky next weekend while Daddy stays home to do some house work. Then the weekend after we are having our annual 4th of July barbecue. (Get your RSVPs in people!) And I hope to have a Mommy brunch in the next month or two. Hopefully those big ticket items will give me a little more to talk about next time. Speaking of other mommies... I have a couple of updated pictures from babies featured on here when they were just born. Plus there is great news from our friends Mary Beth and Mike Neukomm. They just brought home they're beautiful baby girl Ryan. Ryan was born two and a half weeks after her due date and gave MB 26 hours of labor. After Christopher taking 27 hours, I definitely feel for you Mary Beth! But again, we couldn't be happier for the three of you. She's is stunning with her auburn hair and can't wait to meet her in person. To everyone else, have a fabulous July and keep cool! Ryan Elizabeth Neukomm

June 7, 2009 8:09 p.m.
7lbs 6oz 20 1/4in
Zoe and Gia Fluchel
11 months
(see 8/27/08 blog)
Everette and Norah Gatesh
4 months old
(see 3/2/09 blog)

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