Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well our 4th of July weekend was packed full of fun. We started off with playing in the sprinkler mat on Thursday and then had our barbecue on Saturday. The rain held a lot of people away and we ended up with a little more leftover food than we had intended. But we had a wonderful time with our guests that were able to make it. I'm pretty sure everyone had a kid under two with them. Christopher was miserable the entire day. Of course Friday and Sunday he was a happy baby. But on Saturday when we have guests, he wasn't up to par.
This afternoon, Sunday, the rain decided to let up and give us a wonderful opportunity to go visit our friend Sam. We fished a little out of the pond in his back yard and had a fun time on the canoe.
Susie had to check the water first before I got in.

Hey Mom, you're right, this is fun!

It's chilly!
Everyone is getting acquainted.

Brayden was there, but Christopher was up for much playing.

The only smile Christopher gave all day. Thanks for the holiday outfit Dodi!
Eunice and Ms. Norah
Mike and the youngest of the bunch, 3 week old Ryan. Brian and Paul with their [tired] boys, Christopher and Everette. All the mommas and their girls; Mary Beth and Ryan, Shaina and Ellie, Eunice and Norah.
Hunter is getting so big! (See the 8/27/08 blog for his baby pic) Happy family - Everette, Paul, Eunice and Norah. SUNDAY Riding the canoe at "Uncle" Sammy's. Sitting with Mommy. I love Uncle Sammy. My buddy Pat. He's so funny! Of course I had to get some fishin in with Daddy before we left!

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