Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hot. Meow. Doggy. Up. Blisew. Stp. Bed. WooWoo. Dadda. Susie. Momma. Moo. Dodi. Algon. Psst. Ow. This pretty much sums up Christopher's vocabulary these days. He knows what most of the words mean and what context to use them in, it's just a few that he's still confused about. Let's start from the top.
HOT: Hot is one of the words that he only uses when you say it. He definitely knows what it means and he'll try to steer clear of anything referenced as hot.
MEOW: Normally this will come out as MMMMEEEEEEOW! In a very high pitched, long lasting scream. It is used when Christopher sees a picture of a cat, kitten, or feline of some sort. It is also used at 7 in the morning before I have had my coffee and Christopher sees one of our cats for the first time that day. They try to stay clear of him the rest of the morning. ~Although he does know the difference between a house cat and a lion. Lion's are usually given a purring or roar sound that Daddy so kindly taught him.
DOGGY: This soley refers to Dude, our miniature German Shepard - or whatever you want to call him. I don't think he's trying to call him Dude, it sounds much more like Doggy. He also usually screams this as he is chasing the frightened dog all over the house.
UP: Ahhhh... My least favorite word. Up, usually implies that Christopher wants to be picked-up. I would normally not have a problem with such as small word if it wasn't for the fact that Christopher uses it 436,729 times a day.
BLISEW: Commonly referred to in the English language as "Bless You". It's so cute. Our little baby boy has manners. He will tell you "Blisew" after you sneeze or burp. It's so sweet.
STP: Otherwise known as "STOP", STP! has only been used towards the dogs. Christopher likes to yell STP! when he thinks the dogs are barking a little too much. He takes it upon himself to run from the living room where we are playing and stop in the middle of the kitchen to yell at STP! at the patio door. Of course the dogs don't hear him, but he will continue to yell it until they finally subside.
BED: Bed is also another nice dog command Christopher has picked up from his father and I. When the dogs are playing a little too rough in the house Christopher will do the honors of pointing at the dogs and yelling "BED!". It's a nice relief for Brian and I not to yell it as much anymore.
WOOWOO: This sounds more like a train than anything else. But yet, it is Christopher's way of communicating with the dogs (any dogs) that bark "ruff ruff".
DADDA: Christopher uses this word for any being that would fall into the Homo sapien classification. -Other than Dodi.
SUSIE: Susie of course refers to our Dalmatian, Black Eyed Susan. I absolutely love the fact that our son is able to say our dog's name before he can even say Momma.
MOMMA: Ahh, yes. He can say "Momma", he just likes to use it for everything except his beautiful mother. I still love him.
MOO: Moo is a new term that Christopher has just picked up in the last couple of days. It's a repeater-word. He'll only say it if we do. But he does know that it belongs to a toy cow.
DODI: Dodi refers to my mother, Christopher's grandmother. Somehow she was able to mastermind a plan that got Christopher to say her name before mine.
ALGON: Also known as "All Gone". Algon is typically synced with placing his palms in the air to reference that whatever delicious snack you just gave him is gone and that he needs more. He will repeat Algon three times before he breaks out into a crying fit.
PSST: Psst is not actually a word, but more of a sound that Christopher's father taught him. It was cute at first. That is until Christopher says "Psst" instead of "Momma" to gain my attention.
OW: Probably my favorite, and the funniest word Christopher uses. Ow is one word that Christopher understands, but yet hasn't used it in the correct frame of reference yet. For example: Christopher sticks his finger up Dadda's nose. Dadda says "Ow!" Christopher continues to keep sticking his finger up Dadda's nose but now repeats "Ow" until Daddy can get away.
So, that's not much of a summary for month number 14. But at the same time... it completely sums up the last month. Christopher is up for another round of shots on Monday. His 15th month visit should be about the same as all the rest - "Mr. and Mrs. Daniels, you have a very healthy, yet unusually large, child." Shot... Shot... Shot... "See you again in three months, that will be $40."
Before I sign off... I'm so flippin excited! Sarah and Shane found out today that they will be having a baby ______! I have to point out the fact - "I told you so!" But really, I'm super happy for both of you and I can't wait to meet ______. Post your pictures soon! (I'll fill in the blanks once Sarah and Shane have spread the news and updated their blog. It's their surprise to tell, not mine)
See you all again in August! Algon.

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  1. Too Cute! Great pics on this blog! I just want to blow on Christopher's bare belly! My fav word is Bliswe! He is such a character!