Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yup, I'd say we've been busy. Very busy. If you haven't heard from either Brian or I, it's because we haven't had a chance. Heck we don't even have the chance to speak to each other most days. Well... That's not true. But pretty close.

As you know from the post below, we made a trip to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. Christopher's Nana (Brian's Mom) has been sick for many years now and we wanted to head down to see her and GrandBob soon. So we packed up everything Christopher owns and a few t-shirts for ourselves and boarded a plane for Georgia.
They wouldn't let us ship Christopher in the cargo hold, so Nana and GrandBob offered to get him his own seat. In fact, they purchased all of our tickets. It was a relief knowing that we wouldn't be holding a baby in our arms for the entire trip.
Security check was fun. It wasn't too bad in St. Louis, since we were at Gate B, the slowest gate. But Atlanta was tricky and nerve wracking. It's the type of situation where you know you are slowing up the line and you know eyes are shooting like lasers into the back of your skull, but you just can't help it. You have a one year old. And all of his stuff, i.e. car seat, diapers, sippy cups, toys, the blanket you can't leave home without, more toys, books, tissues, a change of clothes, wipes, and more toys.
I MEAN SERIOUSLY AIRLINE PEOPLE, DO I NEED TO TAKE THE ONE-YEAR-OLD'S SHOES OFF?????!!! That's just absurd but I should have expected worse. I should have expected them to use the wand on Christopher, but they didn't.

The airplane ride itself wasn't really all that bad. We just kept shoving crackers and banana in his mouth during takeoff and landing to keep his ears from popping. The poor boy thought he'd died and gone to heaven with all the food we were giving him. Brian couldn't get the Ritz crackers in his mouth fast enough. And oh yeah, we had to buy all this food once we were inside the terminal. Speaking of which, can someone please explain to me when they stopped serving milk on airplanes? I mean really people. We did try to buy Christopher milk before we were on the plane. It wasn't until he drank half of it that Uncle Super Chicken noticed it had expired a month prior. I prayed that I would not be the woman with the puking baby on the airplane. Luckily I wasn't.
The rest of the trip went smoothly. We had a blast with Nana and GrandBob. Christopher was able to coax Nana out to the pool for an hour one day. GrandBob had a good time swimming with Christopher. I think my favorite part was hearing Christopher laugh when someone splashed water in Uncle Super Chicken's face. Hehe. It's still funny.

We stayed inside most days. Content to sit and play with Nana. Before we knew it, our three days were up and we were flying back to St. Louis.
We would have stayed longer but I had to prepare for my upcoming conference. Yeah, you know, the one thing I do a year to earn a paycheck. Just kidding.
The conference was last week and even though it was in St. Louis, I stayed at the hotel. There was no reason for me to get up earlier than my originally scheduled time of 4 a.m. just so I could stay home. With the highway shut down I didn't want to take my chances on traffic either.
So... it was my first time away from Christopher since he was born. Sure I've gone out before he's gone to bed, but this wasn't the same. This time I was gone for four days. I think it made it worse just because I knew I was in the same city, but not with him.

But again, it was for the best. I was staying up until midnight with paperwork and then I'd be up at four to get started again. I wouldn't have seen him even if I had stayed home.
My mom came in town just to help out Brian for the week. It was a huge relief having her here. Christopher loves playing with her and I'm sure they had a great time. When I came home Christopher acted as though I hadn't been gone. And I took that as a good sign. A sign that things went well while I was away.
Brian came down on Friday and Saturday night to stay with me at the hotel. Although, again I didn't see him much. We did get to spend some time together at the faculty dinner. Brian already knew most of the people I was now working with so it felt comfortable.

I had a few people that wanted to see Christopher while I was at the conference (his grandfather of course) and Joanie, a good friend of Christopher's Nana. My mom took Christopher to get his first official haircut before she brought him up. I had always wanted to be there for the big "firsts", but after my mom suggested she take him I knew that I wouldn't have time to do it myself for weeks.
And the boy needed his hair cut. The chop job I did on his hair for the past six months was pretty sad. Chunks missing here and there. Sure it did the job, he could see, but he also looked like he was a hillbilly.

Anywho. Christopher has never been to thrilled when I cut his hair. In fact he screams bloody murder. But apparently he didn't do too bad at the hair salon. Although there is a picture of his bottom lip sticking out. Screaming or not, he doesn't like his hair to be cut. He was most unhappy.
But cute as a button! So much better than what I've tried to accomplish with my zero years of cosmetology education. My mom brought him up as planned Friday night and showed him off to everyone. My mom had good timing and showed up right as the last class let out. As soon as Christopher saw his GranBob walk out of the lecture hall he ran straight to him. He didn't miss a beat.

He was also able to spend some time with his girlfriend Beth. Beth is actually my girlfriend but Christopher treats her better than anyone I know. Beth will pick him up and he just lays his head on her shoulder and won't move an inch. He loves cuddling with his Beth.
Christopher also got to meet Joanie. To Joanie's surprise he gave her a kiss and a hug. I was so excited they could finally meet each other. I know Nana has been bragging about Christopher to Joanie. Joanie was finally able to see for herself. Joanie was also sweet enough to bring Christopher a book on how to brush your teeth. It has a little button at the top that when you push it, it makes the sound of someone brushing their teeth. Christopher walks all over the house with this book now listening and laughing.

Speaking of books. My mother did it again. She has a knack for finding things that will scare the bejeezes out of Christopher. Not that she intends too, but it just happens that way. First it was the toy cow oh so many months ago. Well this time she got Christopher a pop up book. Cute at first glance. That is until you turn to the last page and it looks as though the alligator is going to jump out and bite you.
Christopher now screams and runs crying in the opposite direction when he sees this book. We've had it on the stairs for the last couple of days. When he crawls up the stairs to go to his room he gets as far to the opposite side of the stairs as possible to pass by. He will stop for a brief second to make sure it's what he thinks it is and then he squeals and races up the stairs.
Cows, Alligators. Who knows what's next.
Seriously. Who knows what's next. Guess you'll have to wait until next month like the rest of us. Hope you've enjoyed my little babble. I'll see you soon... Especially those of you whom I've neglected the past week.
XXOO Sarah

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