Monday, August 10, 2009


It was a family trip to see Nana and GranBob this past week in Atlanta, Georgia. The weather wasn't too bad and we had a blast. We took loads of pictures (just a few below) but somehow... Uncle Philip isn't in a single one. Guess we'll have to go back soon!
Mommy and Daddy hooked up my car seat so it would be a breeze going through the airport.

Nana and GranBob were nice enough to get me my own seat in first class so I would have more room. Thank you Nana and GrandBob!

Uncle Super Chicken was on the same plane with me! I went straight for the piano at Nana's.

I'm pretty good too! Nana and GrandBob bought me some new toys so I wouldn't get bored. Nana wasn't feelin so well, but we got her out of the house to go swimming. Family photo op. My first time in a big swimming pool was so much fun!
Uncle Stephen helped me swim.
There's nothing like some watermelon after a hard swim.
Nana and I resting after a nap.
GrandBob read me one of my favorite books, "I love you through and through".
Nana liked to help get me ready for bed.
Mommy and Daddy met up with some friends. But maybe Daddy had too many beers when he took this picture??? Jamie and Mommy below, but not included is: Jimmy, Keith, Super Chicken and Philip.
Before you knew it - it was time to head back to St. Louis!

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