Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Dodi has been in town this week and we've had loads of fun. We took Christopher to the Arch on Monday while also stopping by Union Station for lunch and to feed the fishies. Today, we headed over to Purina Farms to see all the doggies and kitties. We even got to see a dog show while we were there. Check out the photos below. I'll be posting the monthly blog this weekend so don't fret. It will include details about my five days from hell and all the things Christopher has had come out of his nose. Yup, you heard me. Until then...
Look closely and you'll see Dodi and Christopher under the arch.

Mommy and Christopher in the tram riding to the top!
I hope those windows hold, that's a long way down.
Mommy, Dodi and Christopher at 630 feet.
Taking the tram with Dodi back down to the ground.
Feeding the fishies at Union Station.
At the Purina Farms dog show.
Visiting with one of the stars (see above photo). "Doggie Diving" Checkin out the piglets!
Saying hello to the sheep on our way out.

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