Tuesday, October 27, 2009


October has been a rough month. We've had some good occurrences though. Since my last monthly post, Brian and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. It certainly doesn't feel like three years. I think it's due to the fact that Brian and I have such an easy going relationship. We've been best friends since the day we met and we always say "I love you" before we go to sleep. I look forward to the next 3 years and the 30 after that.
I will also say that time has flown by due to Christopher. I was in fact pregnant, before our first anniversary came around and he's been in our life now for 18 months. Maybe it's because we're too busy fixing snacks and picking up toys, that Brian and I don't have time to argue about the little things. We just enjoy the good times.
I also enjoy this time of year because Halloween is just around the corner. There's something so much fun about Halloween. It's a nice lead-in to the more serious holidays in November and December. Halloween is a time to kick back, relax and maybe mix in a little party. Brian and I are looking forward to Sarah and Shane Hurst Annual Halloween Party. Sarah's nearly 8 months pregnant and I'm looking forward to seeing what she'll be wearing. Christopher has decided this year to be a kangaroo. There were a couple of reason why we went with the kangaroo. One - it's just so damn cute. Once you zip up the costume his face brightens and you can't help but giggle. Two - It fit. Let's face it, there's not many outfits out there for babies that are the size of a 2nd grader. It's snug, but it will do. Three - it was the only outfit Christopher didn't run screaming from at the store. We took Christopher with us to help pick out the costume. We thought he'd enjoy the experience. But the first sight of a three-eyed (adorable) monster costume sent him shrieking in the other direction. Brian had to run after him several times. The Tiger costume - screamed. The Baseball costume - ran. The Winnie the Pooh costume - cried. The only costume that he liked was the kangaroo. All he wanted to do was kiss the kangaroo's nose. Plus it had a little roo in the pouch that Christopher just loved. SOLD. We brought it home and wasted no time trying it on him. Christopher loved it. He just ran around giggling and playing. Brian and I were laughing our butts off. I had never seen anything so funny. It didn't help that Christopher can't bend over very well in it. He falls over most of the time. Plus there's a tail about the size of a large cat on the back that whacks anything in its way when Christopher turns around. I've tried to attach the cutest pictures from our at-home-photo-shoot. Some of the outtakes are hilarious. And yes, he ended up breaking the pumpkin. We may take him to one or two houses on the 31st. Just so some neighbors can see him. I only need one or two Reese's to get my fix. I've thought about driving him to the sitter's for Ms. Ashley to get a laugh, but I'm not sure how the tail will do in the car seat. I'll let you know if it happens.

Well it's been a long day, and I'm going to cut this one short. We just returned from Atlanta yesterday and we are physically and emotionally drained. Brian had a wonderful mother that I feel privileged to have known. It was amazing to see the close friends and family from all of the country that came to honor her. She will truly be missed.
As Summer into Autumn slips And yet we sooner say "The Summer" than "the Autumn," lest We turn the sun away, And almost count it an Affront The presence to concede Of one however lovely, not The one that we have loved --
So we evade the charge of Years On one attempting shy The Circumvention of the Shaft Of Life's Declivity.
-Emily Dickinson

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