Sunday, October 18, 2009


We visited Eckert's Farm today in Millstadt, Illinois. Christopher had a great time choosing his pumpkin and picking apples straight from the tree. We did have a little trouble in the bird house when he picked up a bird and threw it across the room. Other than that we had a fabulous time. We now have our pumkins needed to take our Halloween picture! Stay tuned for that next week. In the mean time enjoy our pictures from today:

The tractor ride up to the the apple orchard and pumpkin patch.
Mommy helped me pick out an apple. All the apples go in our bag to take home. What the heck is this? I found pumpkins are best when used as a seat. Helping Daddy find our way out of the corn maze.
Momma! Look!
Checkin out my height.
I found a pumpkin my size!
Some of the pumpkins were bigger than me!

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