Monday, November 9, 2009


A couple of fellow moms have asked what I've been feeding Christopher at this age. Well as you know, anything I do is done by a list. Yes, I'm an anal organizer that uses a label maker for everything and even went so far a to create a Monday through Saturday menu for my son. And for those of you asking whether or not the boy eats on Sunday, the answer is yes. He eats left overs from the earlier in the week. The best part about this menu is that I don't have to stare into the refrigerator for ten minutes deciding what to feed him. Plus, grocery shopping is a cinch and I know he's getting a balance meal. And may the mocking begin.

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  1. No mocking here. I cannot live, I repeat, canNOT live without my label maker. I have two - one for home and one for work.