Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So there are a few things I forgot to mention in the last post. First off, Christopher has officially grown out of his cotton diapers. It's been about a month now. They are advertised to go as far as potty training, but when you have a child the size of Christopher, well... they don't. So we're now in disposables. Hopefully it will only be a few more months until we start pull ups and the whole potty training escapade. Don't worry, you'll be hearing about that in the months to come.
Also, I forgot to add that Santa visited Christopher a few weeks ago. He even showed up with a fire truck and ambulance. Christopher was napping when I heard the sirens on the street behind us. I raced upstairs and woke him from his slumber (which is something I never do), changed his diaper, put on shoes and a jacket and raced outside just in time to see the fire truck turn the corner onto our street. This was also the same time I realized the camera was inside. We hurried back inside, grabbed the camera and got back out to the street just as Mr. and Mrs. Claus pulled in front of our house. Christopher was scared and excited at the same time. I don't think he'd ever seen a fire truck that close, even though it's his favorite thing in the whole wide world. We chatted with Santa for a few minutes, posed for a photo op and got to get a close look at the emergency vehicles. Before we knew it, Santa was driving away and Christopher was waving good-bye. We plan on visiting Santa again next week at the Galleria but it sure was nice of him to pay us a visit!
So until we have our official Santa pictures next week, please enjoy these below...
Of course I've been a good boy Santa! Right Mom???

Bye By Santa!!!

Big Boo Boo #10

Waking up with all my favorites in tow.

Hunter Broad's 2nd Birthday Party at Chuck-e-Cheese!
Avah, Hunter and Shaina

Clapping for the big rat.

Playing on the slides.

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