Friday, January 22, 2010


Christopher used his first four word sentence this past week. He said as clear as day, "I wan si down." He then walked to his little table, pulled out a chair and sat down. His words aren't always understandable but he's got a strong vocabulary these days. He understands practically anything we say (which is scary) and he has around 75+? words he can say. "Hot" and "cold" tend to be his favorites. He has to tell you if anything is hot or cold. He'll walk into the kitchen, point at the stove (not in use) and say "Hot!". He will keep saying this until you acknowledge him.

He's also learned "sink," "PopPop," "Sue" (Susie), "Lili" (Lily), and many others this past month. He also tries to say his Uncle Decker's name, but it usually comes out like De-da, which sometimes sounds like Dadda. "Ella" is Elephant, "Wa" is What?, and "Ahhhhh" refers to every word he has yet to learn. Christopher is starting to repeat the alphabet as well. He likes to scream out XYZ and then start all over again. And don't get me started on Sesame Street. He knows every puppet on Sesame Street. I think he learned how to say Cookie Monster before he learned Momma.

Christopher has reached major milestones this month including reaching the light switch. Now, this is reaching a light switch while he is standing tip-toed on the floor. He's not using props or hanging off furniture. Take the time to look at a light switch close to you and think about how tall this boy is. He's only 21 months old!!!

My new favorite thing he can do is retrieve. Yes, I have reached the point that all mothers wait for. It's the true reason people have children. People say they have kids for many reasons. The true reason, the only reason, the reason that no one will admit to, is: Laziness. Don't you remember getting up to turn the knob on the TV for your dad? Don't you remember going to the pantry to get a can of soup for your mom? People have kids so that they can do simple tasks for them.

Now granted Christopher is only 21 months old, and he is limited in the amount of weight he can carry, but he has started to learn the basics of retrieving. Don't get me wrong, Christopher has been able to go get his sippy cup when I've asked him. And he's always good about going to get his blankie and bear when it's bed time. But the difference now is that it can be beneficial to me. I can say "Christopher, go get Mommy a tissue." And he'll trot off to only return with a tissue in his hand. Just the other day I said to him, "Just a minute, Mommy left her socks in the other room." Sure enough, he ran into my bedroom, grabbed my socks off the bench and handed them to me. What a sweet little boy.

It was at that moment that a light bulb in my head lit up. So, this is the reason parents have kids... I'm thinking that in a couple of years we can get him to make us dinner and take out the trash. Just kidding. But really, there is something there. I will be bluntly honest and say that it does take a little pressure off just knowing that he can put his own toys away.

Speaking of, I would like to proudly announce that Christopher did indeed inherit my organization skills. I'm not saying I'm the cleanest person in the world, although Brian and I are known as germaphobes by our friends, But lets face it- I've been known to have a dust ball or two in my home. My point being, I have an organization problem. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I love my label maker and I'm not afraid to use it.

Christopher, bless his little heart, is very picky about where things go. His toy cars cannot be stored with his books, and his dolls can not be stored with his plastic animals. I'm sure you'd like to believe that I've trained him this way, but it's not the case. Sure, I had his toys put in certain places to begin with. But it has been Christopher who keeps me in line. He fusses if I go to put a toy on the wrong shelf. He gets very upset in the morning if he pulls out a basket and finds that his Daddy stored his flashlight in the green basket and not the tan one.

Now I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, because he's been doing it for a while, but Christopher insists that all the chairs around the dining room table be pushed in if they are not in use. If you get up from the table without pushing in your chair he makes a noise that doesn't contain a consonant and will continue until you rectify the situation. He also insists that all doors be closed if you are not in the room. This probably stems from the fact that we would close doors so that he couldn't enter certain rooms when he just learned to crawl and walk. But I guess it worked out in the end because he cannot stand it if the bathroom door is open. Before we take him upstairs for his nap or for bed, he places all the throw pillows in their proper spot on the couch, closes any open doors or open cabinets, and takes one last look around before he's off to slumberland.

He's just too darn cute.

Christopher has also found the love of his life in the past few months. Froot Loops. He will do anything for some Froot Loops. It is the cure-all for bumps and bruises, it is a way to stop screaming at the grocery store and it keeps him sedated in the morning while Brian and I are getting ready. It sounds bad, and it may be bribing, but I'm running out of tricks. When the boy is in any mood other than joyous, I give him the multicolored circles of sugar. And it works. Every - single - time. I may call Kellogg's and tell them about the masterpiece they created. But I'm sure they already know.

The great thing about this calming device is that he doesn't need an entire bowl to settle down, he just needs one. One solitary crunch will calm him down for 2 hours. I'm almost thinking of buying one of those treat bags you carry around on your hip (to train dogs) for easy access, but I'm afraid Brian would have me committed. Or at least run to the hills with Christopher.

But in all sincerity, Froot Loops is the best thing since sliced bread. My pediatrician could tell me that Christopher would have a 10% chance of growing a third leg if I kept giving them to him and I probably toss him a loop just to keep him from running around the doctor's office reception area.

These things are Sarah approved. But one word of advice fellow moms. Don't leave them out where the kid can see them. You may turn a corner and find your child's stomach swelled up like a dog that just found your pork roast you planned on fixing for dinner and left on the counter to thaw. I'm just saying.
And with that beautiful image left burning in your brain...

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