Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Christopher and Avah

On Monday we spent the morning and a little of the afternoon at the St. Louis Zoo. Christopher invited his good friends to join him in celebrating his birthday at one of his favorite places. We had a fun time laughing at the monkeys, saying hello to the elephants and checking out the grizzly bears.

Enjoy the many pictures below. To view the rest of the pictures (including the animals) click here.

The Moms

Oh! Where'd that sea lion go?!

Eunice and Norah

Hunter, Christopher and Avah. And some monkeys at the bottom of the picture.

Dadda and Christopher at the hippos.

Vicki and Everette

Gaga and Christopher

Hunter and Christopher going for a ride.

Sam and Jaden

I think we found a new favorite.

Lunch Time!

On the train with Gaga.

The ride home...

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