Monday, April 26, 2010


I received a phone call from Brian yesterday after I was headed home from my Sunday Cinema Club. Guess what Christopher learned how to do? Brian asked. What?, I replied.

Brian: He learned how to climb over the baby gate.

Me: Ahhhhhhhh!

That's also when I decided to make a detour up to Insterstate 270 and headed to Babies R Us to purchase new baby gates.

I knew this day would come. The gates we have now wouldn't last forever. The placement of our gates is difficult because the bottom of the stairs has a banister (that doesn't go all the way to the floor) and the top of the stairs doesn't have a wall or railing past the top step. They are also pressure mounted gates, and so they have a bar that runs across the bottom. The same spot that you walk through to get through the gate. It's very easy to trip on them. So Brian and I placed them below the bottom and top steps so that there wouldn't be a tripping hazard. Well then that caused them to lose 7 inches of height.

Naturally, Christopher was going to learn to crawl over them. I mean he's 37.5 inches tall. Christopher had his two year checkup today. He's in the 98th percentile for his height and for his weight (35 lbs.). Check out the "Watch Me Grow" tab above.

Anyway, the kid is 1.5 inches taller than the highest gate made. 7.5 inches taller that 90% of the gates available on the market. When the companies labeled their boxes with "6 to 24 months", they were talking about us.

Unfortunately, Christopher doesn't know how to navigate the stairs by himself yet. Don't get me wrong, he can go up and down by himself, just not without supervision. He still has the attention span of a goldfish and will forget that he's walking down stairs and has ten more before he reaches the bottom to get to the shiny object he just saw.

With all that being said. We bought new baby gates. Yay for Christopher, Nay for my Sunday afternoon plan to relax. It took a total of four hours to hook these puppies up. We now have a zone I would like to call, Fort Knox. I'd like to see Christopher get over these bad boys. Of course now that I've told you that, I'm sure he'll figure our how to maneuver over them in a matter of three days.

We'll see. The new gates are postioned on top of the step instead of the bottom so they've gained another 7 to 8 inches and that should hold our little Reinhold Messner for a year or so. Take a look at the difference for yourself:

Fort Henry (Before)

Fort Knox (After)
swings open on hinges - sooo nice.

I'll let you know how it goes. So far they work great. There's a little trick to opening them, but once you get it, it's fine. We've also got a toddler rail that we will be installing in the next few days. I'll add a picture once it's up, but until then the manufacturer's picture is below. Hopefully that will get Christopher on the right track to using the stairs properly and we can get rid of these gates all together.

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