Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's amazing to me how quickly Christopher has caught on to all the animals names at my parents house. He even knows them better than I do. He's met most of them before and he even saw a few everyday thanks to Skype. But still... it's pretty crazy.

Christopher has the dogs doing what he wants, when he wants. It cute to watch him boss them around. He gave Wicket a time out the other day for stepping on his guitar. No Wicket! Mine Guitar! Time Out! Go On, Time Out!

I obviously don't have much time these days to write on Christopher's blog. I'm sorry for that. But, I'll try and keep you posted with pictures as much as possible. Here's what I consider to be "Christopher's Club". All the dogs and equine that Christopher knows by name and loves to talk to - about what? I have no idea.
NAME: Radar
BREED: Donkey
C's THOUGHTS: My favorite animal on the farm by far. I love calling his name every time I go outside. I especially love it when he "hee haws." But I won't get closer than 5 feet to him. He's much bigger than me!

NAME: Millie
BREED: Miniature Poodle
C's THOUGHTS: She's blind, and I'm fast. So if she's stays out of my way, I'll stay out of hers!

NAME: Wicket
BREED: Pomeranian
C's THOUGHTS: Another blind one. What's with that? But WeeWee is pretty good at finding his way around. He like to chase me around the house and play with my toys. I often have to put him in a time out.

NAME: Rocky
BREED: Chihuahua
C'S THOUGHTS: He bites! Nips anyway. If I turn my back to him he likes to nip at my bum so I try to stay away. But when he sleeps, he's cute.

NAME: Big Ben
BREED: Great Pyrenees
C's THOUGHTS: Ben is five times my weight! - and mom says I'm big. Hmph. Ben likes to slobber on me and he'll let me stick my whole arm in his mouth! That's usually when Momma starts freaking out.

NAME: Betty
BREED: Chihuahua
C's THOUGHTS: Betty's pretty cool. She likes to sneak out of the fence and run to Mimi's to get cookies. I would too if I could.

NAME: Frankie
BREED: Beagle Mix
C'S THOUGHTS: Frankie is Uncle Decker's Dog. He likes to smile when you ask him to. Also, his ears turn in to the shape of Doritos when he gets excited.  

NAME: Boomer
BREED: Australian Cattle Dog
C'S THOUGHTS: Boomer's fast! Faster than me! He loves to run around the back yard in big circles. He also makes the most noise at dinner time.

NAME: Paco
BREED: Beagle Mix
C'S THOUGHTS: Paco likes to let everyone know when I'm coming down to visit the kennels. You can't sneak up on him like you can with Wicket.

NAME: Duchess
BREED: Labrador Retriever
C'S THOUGHTS: Duchess sure likes her treats. She also likes to be pet. A lot. I often have to tell her to "Go On!"

NAME: Goldie
BREED: Beagle
C's THOUGHTS: Goldie will usually run off Duchess when I've had enough. I like her.

NAME: Chico
BREED: Chihuahua
C'S THOUGHTS: Chico acts like a tough guy, but he's really not. I even scratched his belly once.

NAME: Moxie
BREED: Malti-Poo
C'S THOUGHTS: I don't see Moxie much cause she a little scared of me. Okay, she's a lot scared of me. I am loud sometimes.

NAME: Moose
BREED: Chihuahua
C's THOUGHTS: I love Moose. He's like a perpetual puppy. He loves to give me soft kisses on the cheek when I'm not looking.

NAME: Eddie
BREED: Shih Tzu
C'S THOUGHTS: Eddie is one of my favorites. He's so funny. He likes to beg for food. Sometime he mistakes my Mickey doll for food.

NAME: BlackJack
BREED: Tennessee Walker
C'S THOUGHTS: I haven't ridden BlackJack yet (just Fury). But maybe one day. For now I just like to call his name from the fence line.

NAME: Itsy
BREED: Beagle
C's THOUGHTS: Itsy is pretty shy. But she makes the funniest sounds when she's sleeping!

NAME: Maria
BREED: Labrador Retriever
C'S THOUGHTS: Maria doesn't like thunderstorms... or the spin cycle on the washing machine. I don't know why, they don't bother me any.

NAME: Mallory
BREED: Lab Mix
C'S THOUGHTS: Well all puppies are cute. But this one likes to chew on Momma's hair. It makes me giggle, but not Momma!

Most of these are GaGa's and PopPop's animals. But they have many more if you want a new doggy! Check it out here!

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