Saturday, May 1, 2010


Brian and I were standing in the kitchen talking about the day's events when we heard a small cry for help from the other room. We both looked at each other with puzzlement and started towards the living room. We stopped short at the hallway to the basement and saw this:

Yes. That is our child. Our smarter-than-the-average-kid, Christopher, stuck in the cat door. Why he thought it would be okay to fit his 35 pound baby body through a door made for two 7-pound cats is beyond me.

He normally likes to sit there and talk to the cats through the hole as they eat dinner. It's their safe zone. They know Christopher can't get to them and we know Christopher can't eat their food. I guess today he thought he'd try to get a little closer.

Being the wonderful parents we are... we grabbed the camera. Most parents would probably rush to their child's side and pull him out of this crazy predicament. Not us. Instead we stood there grabbing our stomachs bent over laughing as our child whimpered and whined. It was a freaking riot.

After I managed to stop laughing and take three shots, Brian felt bad and removed him from the cat door. I probably could have pulled off another 50 shots before I would have taken him out. That may make me look like the lesser parent, but I pose this question: Who do you think he gets these ideas from?

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