Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here we go again! Brian and I are expecting baby #2! Woo Hoo!

I'm almost ten weeks along now and I just couldn't keep it a secret any longer. I had my first OB appointment while I was in Kentucky but I'll be back to seeing Dr. Snowden soon. I practically had to beg for these ultrasound pictures. Dr. Snowden's office printed us an entire book with Christopher. But for some reason the Trover Clinic in Madisonville, Kentucky didn't see a reason. I finally broke the technician down when I told her that my husband wasn't in the same state and he would be so disappointed if he didn't feel included. She handed me three printouts and said, "Now don't tell anyone." - Geesh.

But here we are and in seven months time Christopher will become a big brother. He or she is due on January 26, 2011. I'm pretty ecstatic myself to be having a winter baby. I don't know of anyone else in the family that was born around this time. Plus I do NOT want to be 9 months pregnant in the middle of Summer. I figure if my internal temperature is going to run high, it would be much better in January.

I'm know there will be many updates along the way, so be sure to keep checking in with us. And don't forget to vote for the sex of the baby (on right). I placed a few hints below as to what I think it will be. See if you can guesstimate for yourself.

#1) The fetal heart rate is 169 bpm.
#2) I couldn't resist picking up the largest pack of Sour Patch Kids at the grocery store.
#3) I'm completely nauseous all day, but I don't get sick.
#4) Chinese Prediction Calendar: