Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Here's your chance! Guess the sex of the baby and have a chance to win a $30 gift card for
Yup. It's that simple. Want more chances to win?

Please list all of your entries in one comment.

Mandatory First Entry: Tell us if you think Peanut is a Boy or a Girl!

Additional Entries: Please be sure to tell in your comment that you've done so.
3 entries: Become a follower of this blog.
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2 entries: Become a fan of this blog on Facebook.
1 entry: Vote for this blog on Top Baby Blogs by clicking the link on the right.
5 entries: Add a link to this blog or add my button to your webpage/blog.
1 entry: What do you think we should name the baby?

Entries are limited to one comment (one sex guess). All entries with the correct sex guess will be separated and a winner will be chosen at random.



  1. I totally think you are having a boy! I don't know why but I just picture you as a "boys mom".

    I'm a follower of your blog!
    I'm a follower of Sarah's Viewpoint
    I'm a fan on Facebook
    I voted for you today!
    I have your button on my blog. far as a name..and since it's a boy I am going to say...Conner

  2. I think peanut will be a girl. and i am a follower of your blog. and you should name her jayna, of course! There's not that many of us and you would be lucky enough to know TWO!!!

  3. Hi!!
    First...I think she's a girl...
    I follow both of your blogs
    I am a fan of Baby Daniels on FB
    I voted for this blog
    And a name for your little girl...Leah Marie Daniels

  4. I think Peanut will be a girl. I love reading your blog! Even offered a suggestion (WOO HOO for my shout out!) I feel honored! There are so many beautiful names and I am sure you will pick the perfect one for her! But if it is a girl...I think you should name her Katie! Or some form of it. Only fair, Christopher and I share the same birthday, the new baby and I need to share something too! Gotta keep it fair!