Friday, July 2, 2010


We have such a well mannered child. We really do. He says please (or "pease"), thank you, bless you, are you okay, and he even says what's the matter if he knows your upset. I always get a lot of Momma pease help when I'm working.

Most of you know I work from home. I try to get most of my work done in a couple of hours in the morning. Christopher comes upstairs with me and he plays with his blocks or noise makers in his room while I'm in the office across the hall.

The one sure item to get him to go upstairs with me is the slide. Here's the slide:

It was mine (as well as Beth's and Decker's) when we were kids. Gaga and PopPop have lent it to Christopher. He loves his slide. All I have to say is, Christopher wanna play on your slide?, and he's at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me to open the baby gate before I know it.

You can pretty much bet that I will hear the words Momma pease help about 20 times in that hour or two. I go in the other room and Christopher has a sticker stuck to the slide. Or he's lost his bowling pins under his bed. One time a letter from his name fell off the door molding to his room.

Yesterday I was wrapping things up around 11 a.m. I was finishing up emails, printing off worksheets, and filing bank statements... and then I heard a small voice say, Momma pease help.

Just a minute baby, I'm almost done.

A minute went by... Momma pease help.

Okay Christopher... just one... more... second... And I hit send on my last email. I swirled around in my chair slowly maneuvering around the building blocks dumped all over my office floor and went into the spare bedroom.

That is when I saw Christopher. There is no way for me to explain what I saw.

Here's the picture again:

Who knows really how long I had left him like that. I gasped. Then I stopped. I moved extremely slowly so I didn't scare him. I didn't want him to freak out because I was freaking out and let go of the handlebars.

I got to him, lifted him up so his bum was now firmly planted on the platform.  He said, Weeee!, as he went down the slide.


Sure, baby, just let mommy go pick her stomach up off the floor.

Apparently I need to teach him how to scream.

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