Thursday, July 8, 2010


For the Fourth of July we headed down to the St. Louis Fair - Air Show. We met up with Uncle Super Chicken and his friends. We decided to take the Metro downtown, expecting traffic to be nuts.

As we were about to board the Metro train in Brentwood, we ran into cousins Erin, Jack, and Dylan. It was a nice surprise and we were able to talk and laugh the entire 20 minutes down to the Arch grounds.

When we got down to the Arch we found a nice place to lay our blanket and relax before the show started. Christopher had a thrill once the planes started rolling through. His mouth was hanging wide open as he stared up into the sky. Cool! and Wow! were the only words we heard for a half hour.

About 45 minutes into the show we felt a few sprinkles land on our head. Thirty seconds later it was a down pour. We ran to the closest staircase headed down to the parking garage. It was crammed with people and by the time we found another staircase, we were soaked and the rain had stopped.

We had covered Christopher and the stroller with the picnic blanket after the rain had started, which was too little - too late, but he had fun thinking he was in a tent.

By the time we took the Metro home and walked in the front door it was eight o'clock and we were pooped anyway. Brian and I listened to the fireworks from the back porch, praying that the house didn't burn down.

Here are a few pictures from our day:

Skydivers opened the show over the Arch.

Look Momma!

B-25, I think. I'm sure Aunt Beth or Uncle Decker will correct me if I'm wrong.

Uncle Super Chicken was there too!

Dadda pointed out all the planes for me.

Aunt Beth? Help us out here.

The Metro ride home. Soaking. Wet.

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