Friday, July 16, 2010


It finally happened. Christopher went pee pee in the potty. Wooo HOO!

It's only taken four months. Guess what finally did the trick? M&Ms. Well, that and Potty Scotty. But I'm gonna say it was the M&Ms cause saying that a doll accomplished something I wasn't able to, bothers me just a little.

About four months ago I was screaming into pillows because the potty situation was not going so well. But I vowed to get the Potty Scotty Doll and try again. Well, we ended up going to Kentucky for six weeks. And that put a damper on things.

I had intentions on moving back towards the potty training when we got back and that's what I've been doing. We're taking things slow. None of this "Potty Training in a Day" any more. It was a nice thought, but it didn't work for us.

So slowly, I introduced Potty Scotty.

Potty Scotty is so much better than the other doll we had. First of all, he's anatomically correct. And I'm positive that has helped. Secondly, he doesn't start shooting pee pee all over the place the second you feed him. He's a "Pee on Command Doll". It's fabulous. Squeeze his leg - he pees. Stop squeezing his leg - he stops peeing.

Christopher has been very interested in watching Scotty go pee pee in the potty. Christopher is also very interested in the treat Scotty gets afterwards.

Usually it's been Fruit Loops. But ever since giving this to Pop Pop, Christopher has been obsessed with M&Ms. OBSESSED. He can here the jar opening a mile away. He calls for a green one, or an orange one. Heaven forbid you hold the jar down for him to grab his own. He'll have 16 in his mouth before you even blink.

So.... I decided that when we came home it would be a good time to reduce the M&M intake. He hasn't had one since we got back - until last night.

Last night, not two minutes before Christopher was headed to bed, he decided he wanted to go pee pee in the potty. Normally when he expresses this desire it means 10 minutes of sitting on the toilet saying we are going pee pee on the potty with nothing actually entering the pot.

But we were already in the bathroom brushing our teeth when saw Scotty and the potty. So off came the PJ's and the diaper. Christopher sat on the potty and I asked Brian to go get some M&Ms. I swear it wasn't two seconds after Christopher saw the bag that he started peeing.

I was actually looking and talking to Brian, not paying any attention to Christopher when he started. When I heard "the sound" I turned around and gasped so loudly and yelled Yea Christopher! I yelled it so loud that Christopher got scared and stopped peeing.

I told him No, it's okay, keeping going, good job. Then Brian and I quietly cheered on the little man as he finished. He received an green one and promptly asked for another. I lowered the bowl and he grabbed a fist full.

While he was eating his prize he told Scotty to go pee pee in the potty. So we sat and watched Scotty go potty. Then Scotty got a green one. But Scotty couldn't eat it. So Christopher got that one too.

We ended the night with lots of cheers and high fives with Christopher.

I'm hoping the enthusiasm continues into the next few days...

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