Thursday, July 1, 2010


We're stuck. I'm not really sure if "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" is the right idiom for our situation. But it comes close.

Christopher is roughly 38 or 39 lbs. Let me remind you once again that the average size of a four year old is 40 lbs.

If you're thinking, "That's great! He's gonna have a football scholarship!", I would like you to please think again. While that may come true, we won't need to think about it for another 14 to 16 years. Right now my problem seems to be that he's at an awkward size and age.

It all started with our car seat. That was fixed a few months ago. But at the time it was driving me crazy. He was outgrowing his second car seat in less than a year. Plus it was so high in the backseat and Christopher was so tall that every time I placed him in the car seat I'd hit his head on the roof.

Getting him a new car seat seemed ideal, but most car seats only went up to 35 or 40 lbs. before you needed a booster. And well state law says you can't use a booster seat until the child is four years old. Ugh!
It was a no-win situation.

I finally stumbled upon the only 5 point harness car seat that would take a child up to 80 lbs. Turns out that it has the highest safety rating of any car seat on the market. Nice. Turns out it also costs $300. Not so nice.
But it was my only option. And so Christopher is now in his third car seat in two years.

Here's his old car seat. The one that only goes up to 35 lbs. and his 8 inches off the backseat. I won't mention the name. It was a good car seat when he was one. It just didn't "grow" with him.

But here's the new car seat, Sunshine Kids: the "Bentley," (yeah, I know, the name says it all):

And here's a picture of the Sunshine Kids car seat in my car:

There's loads more head space to get Christopher in and out. Plus I've read on several blogs that it's great for people with multiples. It's so small compared to most car seats that you can fit three in a backseat.

So that problem was solved. Hopefully we have a couple of years before he hits 80 lbs.

I started to notice a new problem this summer. And this may seem like a small thing but it has driven me crazy. There are no floatation devices for a kid his age and size. They have everything you want for a one-year-old and for 3+ years. But hardly anything for two-year-old. The one item I did track down looked great. Until I read the fine print and it said for kids under 35 lbs.  Grrrr.

It's not that big of a deal, we hold him in the pool and at the ocean, but it would be nice to relax our arms for just one minute. I don't think I'm going to win this battle though. I've exhausted my search and have come up with nothing.

My last little quirk with this weight issue is at the super market. I took Christopher to the grocery store with me on Monday. Something we haven't done in a long while because we've been in Kentucky eating free food. But on this past trip I got a cart and went to put my cart seat cover on when I noticed the warning labels on the plastic piece. I looked closely and saw the words "Do not use for children over 35 lbs." YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME! And yes, I screamed it that loudly and yes, people stared.

Whatever, I don't care any more. Seriously though? They have to be under 35 lbs. to use the shopping cart seat? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. This is a true problem for me. I've got a two-year-old. I can't have him follow behind me. That just wouldn't happen. Plus I have seen them yell at people for placing kids in the basket. Sorry. This is just one rule I'm going to have to break.

But I guess that's our life right now. It will get easier. Right?

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