Tuesday, August 24, 2010


A lot has been going on since I've been gone for a few weeks and here's a jumbled mess of it all.

The first new revelation is that Christopher has a new name. It's not so much new as it's what he now wants to be called. Christopher has been going to Ms. Ashley's day care since he was six weeks old. He started off by going three days a week and now he's usually going just one day.

There's always been other kids there. Most of them older. But not old enough to pronounce words correctly. Since Christopher is a long name and difficult for most kids to pronounce, they call him Friffer. I even think Ms. Ashley has taken to calling him Friffer.

Apparently Christopher likes it. He likes it so much that it's now his preferred name. I can't by any means say Christopher anymore without being corrected by the little Friffer himself.

Take the dinner table for instance. Every night at dinner we sit down and Christopher likes to point out the items we are about to gorge on. Momma's milk! I then repeat, Momma's milk, yes. Dadda's milk! Dadda then repeats, Dadda's milk, right. Friffer's milk! I then repeat, Correct, Christopher's milk.

Then it happens. Christopher gets a look upon his face which tells me I am incorrect. No Momma, Friffer's milk. Excuse me, I say, Friffer's milk.

It happens all day long. Look Momma! Friffer jumped! Good job, Christopher! Christopher jumps! No Momma, Christopher says, Friffer jumps!  I beg your pardon, Friffer jumps.

I'm not sure if we'll ever get away from Friffer. I just hoping when the kindergarten teacher asks if anyone has a nickname that Christopher doesn't raise his hand.

Along the same lines, Christopher has found many new words for items that are linked, but not necessarily the exact definition of what he is trying to say.

My new favorite is "Pearl Jam". Yes, it was most likely inevitable, Christopher's father has introduced him to the world of Pearl Jam. They watch videos on the TV. They turn on the iPod when I'm not home and dance in the evening to Pearl Jam.

Now Christopher believes that all music is called Pearl Jam. In the morning drive over to the babysitter Christopher asks for Pearl Jam. I say, Do you want music? His reply is always the same - No Momma, I want Pearl Jam. Then I turn on Billy Joel or Lady Gaga and he's content.

His other new fascination is french fries. It's not so much french fries as it is McDonald's. That boy can spot those golden arches a mile away. He refuses to say McDonalds. It's always called French Fries. And maybe it's the pregnancy brain thing I've got going on, but my mother stated the obvious fact that the McDonald's arches do look a lot like french fries.

To tell you the truth I don't know that it's even passing McDonald's on the street. I was in the car with Christopher a few weeks ago and was sitting at a red light when grease filled air wafted in front of my nose - I don't know how, the windows were closed. But sure enough, from the back seat I hear, FRENCH FRIES!

The funny thing is, when we do get McDonald's, it's not the french fries that he wants it's the soda. He could care less about the french fries. As long as he has a cheeseburger and coke he's content.

Other than that, there were a couple updates I wanted to pass on concerning a past blog. I received numerous emails concerning the TOO MUCH OR NOT ENOUGH post. I didn't honestly know that many outsiders actually read the blog to tell you the truth. (Hi there, by the way.) Most emails were of mothers expressing the same concerns. Stating that most manufactures seem to have the perfect baby size in their head. They don't really reach out to the big or small babies. And if they do offer things for preemies, they don't for larger infants.

One woman had the nerve to tell me that I should watch what I eat when I'm pregnant and maybe next time I won't have such a large baby. I don't know if I even want to respond to that. But I will repeat myself when I say that my child is not fat. Not by any means. He was ten pounds when he was born, sure. But he was also 23 inches long. He's a skinny-minny. He's very even on the growth chart.

I did get one good tip out of the emails and it was from my childhood friend Katie Gray. She pointed me in the direction of these:

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. Turns out - it fits kids up to 50 pounds. Yippee! What's great is that they give the child the flexibility of the regular arm swimmies but have a band in the front to keep them from toppling forward in the water. Every review I've read has been great. I purchased one right away on Amazon (they're only $13) and was hoping to have a picture on here of Christopher swimming with them but we actually haven't been poolside since they arrived.  But in case you're interested, I've now seen them sold at Target.

And I use the term "poolside" lightly because about a month ago I found this puppy on Amazon.com (on sale) for $30. I think I'm actually enjoying it as much as Christopher. I lay in one side while he plays in the other.

Isn't it fantastic?!

Okay - back to my ramblings. The only other information I received from the previous post was regarding the shopping cart situation. I had stated that the shopping carts were designed for kids under 35 pounds. Which the manufactures probably believes covers kids up to at least three years. WRONG. But anyway, two anonymous emailers kindly referred me to the other option at the supermarket.

The grocery car.

Ick! Ick! Ick! I'm sorry, but those things are germ infested. I don't mean to be blunt, but I've seen kids vomit in them. I'm sure the wet their pants in them among other things. I just can't bring myself to allowing Christopher to sit in one. I have my Boppy grocery cart cover in the trunk of my car. I use it everywhere. But I'm sorry, they don't make one big enough for those giant germs pretending to be fun for kids at the store.

With all that said, I'm still stumped. Apparently over 24,000 children each year are injured by shopping carts. I know that placing Christopher in the shopping cart (rated for kids under 35 lbs.) only causes him to be at more risk, but I just don't know what else to do.

Maybe I'll design a shopping car with the seat lower to the ground to lower the center of gravity therefore allowing a higher weight restriction. Oh wait. Someone already has:

Why hasn't this been implemented yet???? I may just buy one and then take it grocery shopping with me where ever I go. But then I would probably need to buy a truck just to get it to the grocery store. Ugh. Life can be so difficult.


  1. Those water things look awesome! I have had the hardest time finding something that works well with my son in the pool. I may just have to look for those!

  2. We have a green puddle jumper! Rilynn has always been in the larger percentile for her age on growth charts. Its been difficult for us to find age appropriate things like pool gear that works for her size. But this works. And when she does trip up in shallow water, 2 feet or so, at least it doesn't end in a faceplant. And the jumper, because its bulk is mostly in front, rolls her onto her back which is still traumatic at times.