Friday, September 17, 2010


CHRISTOPHER: Momma, I wanna watch Emo.

MOMMA: Okay, we can watch Elmo.

DADDA: Ohhh, why don't you watch Border Wars?

MOMMA: Brian.

CHRISTOPHER: Yeh, Momma, we watch Border Whores.

(Insert 5 minutes of laughing here.)

CHRISTOPHER: Momma! I wanna watch Border Whores!

MOMMA: No, Christopher, it's called Border Wars. It's about the Border Patrol in Texas and you wouldn't like it. It's a grown-up show. It's not like Elmo. Let's watch Elmo.

CHRISTOPHER: No Momma! I want Border Whores! Border Whores! Border Whores! Bord-

MOMMA: Bagels! I have bagels for breakfast.

CHRISTOPHER: Yeah! Bagles and Border Whores! Yeah!!!

DADDA: Well, I'm off to work.

MOMMA: Thanks.

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  1. Maybe it really is more Nature than Nurture. Who knew?