Monday, September 20, 2010


Here's a series of four events that occured over the past couple of weekends. I hate to throw them all at you at once but time flies these days. Time has flown but it's also been fun!

Sam, Maureen, and thier kids, Jayden, Abby, and Daniel came over for dinner to help us celebrate our news about Carter.

We had blue cupakes for dessert... Christopher had been asking for one all day.


This was obviously after the cupcake high.

Christopher discovered bathtub paint.

Look Ma!

A shot to show future girlfriends.

Mike came in town and took us out to dinner. He's camera shy.

There he is! Taters!

Is there a nickel in that ear?

Momma never got a "posed" picture. I guess that's what happens when Uncle Mike visits.

The Great American Balloon race in Forest Park on Saturday.

There were so many!

But Christopher just wanted to play in the grass.

The Metro ride home. We're gonna need some Lysol.

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