Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Yes, some rumors are true. Children are put on the Earth to embarrass their parents. There's nothing like needing to take a break at a rest stop and having to take your son in the women's restroom with you.

Not so bad? Sure. He's two. He doesn't care. Neither do the other women in the restroom. The problem occurs when you've finished paying the water bill and your son starts yelling Yeah Momma! You pee-peed in the potty! Yeah! You get a cookie!!! You peed in the potty! Yup. He said it loud enough for the truckers to hear on I-64.

Can you tell we're potty training? That's the only response I could come up with as we hustled past three grandmas drying their hands.

But I guess that incident was easy compared to the rest of the weekend's potty adventures. We went down to my parent's for the weekend. Aunt Bethie was coming to town and Christopher hadn't see her since he was eight months old.   We also decided to surprise everyone, including GaGa and PopPop.

The weekend was filled with the usually trips to the barn and kennel. But the one big change was bringing along a potty. We had a few hiccups over the weekend but for the most part he did really well. And because I'm Sarah and I do everything with a plan, I created a Potty Chart.

It's so easy a two-year-old can do it. And he does! The ground rules are: Tinkle on the potty and you get a cookie. Which also lets Christopher put a sticker on the chart. Make some waves and you get a cookie plus two stickers. After you get five stickers, you get a toy.

A toy train to be exact. Dear God does the boy love trains. The day I bought the bribes, he was dying for me to take the first train out of the box before we left the store. I told him that he had to go on the potty before I would open it. After we left the store we had lunch with Daddy at his work. All-in-all our trip took about 3 hours. When we got home he raced to the potty and asked for help to take his pants off. Sure enough he started peeing right away. His diaper was dry from the first morning change and boy did he have to go.

He was so pleased with himself. But lets not lie, he was more pleased to get the train. Since then he's gone potty multiple times even asking to go without my instruction. For the most part he doesn't want to go number two on the porcelain throne. In fact he will usually start crying and complain that he wants to "poop in his pants." We've had a couple of prizes make the toilet but we're still working on it.

We're doing so well with peeing that I've actually skipped a couple of stickers on the chart so it will take a little longer to get to the grand prize - a train track for his trains. He has many more trains than what the chart above can hold. But I'm fine with it. It's a method that seems to be working.

The only thing that could use a little work is his clothes situation. He pulls  "George Costanza" when he goes. He has to remove all of his clothes. All. Of. Them. Not only is it just weird but I'm terrified that someone is going to come to the front door when he's dancing around with a cookie in his skivvies.

I'll be back in a few days to update you on the sex of our Peanut.  (Don't forget to leave a comment and vote here - yes that means you.) And I promise not to have any more potty stories - for a week anyway.
I have a few pictures from the weekend to keep you satisfied until Thursday. Enjoy!

Around the farm. Black Jack.

PopPop and GaGa's house.


Aunt Bethie goes for a swing.

All cool dudes in our shades.

Headed to see Radar with Aunt Bethie.

Christopher: Hey Uncle Decker come swing!

Uncle Decker: Hey Christopher, I've got a better idea.

Momma: Umm, I don't know...

Big Ben: Whatever.

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