Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I don't really believe in the blog-iversary thing. It just sounds weird. I've never really celebrated it. And I don't really plan on doing so now. But... today is another anniversary. It's my four year wedding anniversary with Brian. And since I did start this blog three years ago in September of 2007, I thought I'd look back at how our lives have changed so much over the past few years.

It honestly doesn't seem like Brian and I have been together since 2005. In my head, I think, five years is a long time. But really, so much has happened in our lives since we starting dating in June 2005.

To start, we were engaged only three months after dating. What can I say, when you know - you know. We even knew on our second date what our first son's name would be. Can you imagine? Three years before he was born, we knew that Christopher Decker would exist. It had been decided over miniature golf and a couple of Budweiser's.

Things were on the fast track. We planned for a Fall 2006 wedding and the circle on the calendar was upon us in the blink of an eye. Brian and I were married on top of a hill at my parents farm in Kentucky. It was a wedding in which everyone had to travel. Everyone we loved, except for my brother who was serving in Iraq, was there to help us celebrate.

After a relaxing honeymoon in Italy, we were back on the fast track of life. In the first six months of marriage we bought a new house. We bought a house that we hoped would soon become filled with the sounds of pitter-patter and little giggles. And we were right. A month after we moved in we discovered we were pregnant. And five months after that we discovered that Little Rex was indeed our Christopher.

I started this blog for one purpose: To tell my children a story. Their story. I know that not everyone "gets" a blog. I didn't either at first. But this website soon became a way for me to write a journal. A journal that I'm hoping my children will appreciate one day. I get to tell them the story of when they were born. When they rolled over. Sat up. Started walking. Learned to dance. Had their first ice cream cone. And even, yes, when they learned to go potty.

 I'm a dork. I print out each blog post and add it to the others before it in a three-ring-binder.  The first binder is full and I've started on a second. For now they rest on a bookshelf in my office. And perhaps one day they will end up in a box in the basement. But I am hoping that sometime in the future one of my children will discover them, wipe off the dust, and sit down to read an amazing adventure. Theirs and mine.

It also so happened, that writing a blog on the Internet allowed family members to see everything that was going on. My mom was able to see Christopher's first words via video just moments after it happened. And Brian's mom was able to laugh at her grandson's mischief when she wasn't able to travel.  We don't have much family in St. Louis. So it is nice to know that those we don't see very often, sometimes even for years, get to feel like they are a part of everything.

But back to the timeline - in April of 2008 we were proud to post the very first pictures of Christopher Decker Daniels for everyone to see. And the flood of pictures began. For the last two and a half years we have chronicled Christopher's life with short stories and pictures and even videos. We've tried to include everything - even the bad.

In those two and a half years, Christopher has gone from a squealing baby of 10 lbs. that stayed where ever you put him to a 38 lb. typical terrible-two-year-old who is always chasing one of the four animals we've collected over the past five years.

What's amazing is that I can look back at one of our stories on this site and not even remember something happening. And even more amazing is that there are stories yet to be told.

We have a new little man on the way. I'm sure there will be many similarities but I'm sure that there will be many new adventures as well. I can't wait for little Carter to arrive and to be able to introduce him to the world. I can't wait to see Christopher's reaction when he realizes that Carter can't be returned. I can't wait to see Christopher show his little brother the hippos zoo. For Carter to be able to hit back. For Christopher to hit his first baseball. And maybe even when Christopher and Carter share a limo to prom.

For now, I get to look back and see how the last three, four, and five years have changed more dramatically then any other period in my life. And obviously, changed for the better. Stick with us. I'm sure that not every story will have you laughing or crying. But there will be some memories you won't want to miss. To see my favorites so far, take a look at the "My Favorites Posts" links on the right. Go ahead, check 'em out.

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