Saturday, October 9, 2010


We took our 2nd annual trip to Eckerts Farm today to pick apples and find pumpkins. Of course there are always a few other things to do while you're there. Last year we went to the Eckerts in Millstadt, Illinois but this year we detoured north to Grafton, Illinois due to some road closures. It's a little more of a drive but traveling next to the Mississippi River for a good portion of the trip made it worth while. Here are a few pics from our day.

Does everyone have their Farming Flannel on? Good! Let's go!

It may not be as good as PopPop's tractor but it was still "pretty cool."

Christopher really wanted to see an elephant. But he settled for feeding some goats.

There was a playground with a very fast slide.

Dadda and Christopher had a fun time on the swings.

We really wanted to have an annual picture at Eckert's Farm to see how much Christopher has grown in a year... But he hid behind the scarecrow and said he wouldn't come out until I put the camera away. So Dadda told him the camera was gone and I snapped a quick shot as he walked out. We're such evil parents.
(above: pictures from this year, below: picture from last year)

The tractor ride to pick apples.

Christopher really wanted all the apples that had already fallen to the ground.

But he eventually got the idea...

Some of them were stuck.

Momma got very hot and tired.

So we opted to get pre-picked pumpkins.

Apples? Check. Pumpkins? Check. Nap time? Yes Please!

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