Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well we certainly couldn't pick apples and not make a dessert...

Christopher was forced decided to help me make dinner and dessert last night. We made mini pizzas and apple crisp, both from Uh, can you say yum? Christopher was an excellent helper (as were the cats) and didn't want to stop. I guess I need to find more recipes we can do together.

Mini Pizzas! Adding the sauce was cool, but kind of boring.

Cheese time! That's the fun part!

No Momma, dump the cheese.

Yay, we did it!

Dig in!

After Momma cut the apples we mixed in cinnamon and sugar.

Now we dump it into the pan.

Lily checks in to make sure we get it right.

After baking for an hour we added some ice cream for sweet treat.
"Yummy, Yummy!"

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